Tearjerker / Marie D. Suesse and the Mystery New Pirate Age!

Readers be warned: this fanfic is written by an extremely sadistic author and will crush your soul. Examples for Tearjerkers found in this story:

  • Chapter 7: Robin's journal.
  • Chapter 8: Mar finds the graves of some of the Straw-Hats, and discovers that they have been defaced and looted.
  • All of Chapter 22 and 23, wherein Flashbacks reveal which Straw Hats survived the failed attempt to save Luffy.
    • Particularly bad was the ending of Chapter 23, where Trafalgar Law finally accepts that Chopper died on the operating table on his watch, reflects on the irony of his Red Baron "The Surgeon of Death", then loses it and breaks down laughing.
  • The in Chapter 25: The Death of The Thousand Sunny. The worst part about it is that the ship is apologizing to Mar as it goes down because it failed to keep its end of their bargain. *sniff* Sunny!
  • Chapter 29: Red, who is actually a X. Drake, has been turned into a People Puppet and ordered to kill Mar. He tells others present to shoot him in the head, because he doesn't want to go through with it but he can't do anything to stop himself.
  • Chapter 30: Another flashback shows us the fate of the Heart Pirates. While underwater, the Heart Pirate submarine is critically damaged after Monster Chopper went berserk. Law tries to use his powers save his crew, but unintentionally manages to save only himself, leaving him with the knowledge he left his crew to drown in the submarine.
    • Especially awful when you remember Law's backstory, which hadn't been revealed at the time of writing this fic.
    • Also, the death of Walker, and Gurnarde's apparent suicide by Monster Drake.
  • Chapter 32: The price of returning the One Piece world to normal is Mar's very existence, and the Suesse family is painfully aware of this.
    "...when everything is done, you and Mom will never have met and I'll never have been born and... and no one will even care! You and Mom won't miss me. You won't even remember me, because I never existed in the first place! ...I was just a freak of chance... a by-product of a mistake... a mistake that's going to be finally corrected..."