Tear Jerker: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

Despite the Maou and Hero's best efforts, these still happen.

  • Little Sister Maid's quiet speech reveals how bad her life was before.
    Little Sis Maid: Everyday is warm, the bed is comfy, this dress is pretty, and I'm with Big Sis everyday.
  • Watching Hero's companions when they realize that they only increased his burden by fighting with him is pretty hard.
    Female Knight: It doesn't matter when or where. If you're leaving in the future, I want to be near you. I don't want to be left alone anymore!
    Archer/Butler: You're too strong, Hero. No normal human could accept your strength. That strength completely isolates you from the rest of mankind. The reason you left us was so we wouldn't have to bear that isolation, right?
    Female Mage: When something happens to Hero, it's my job to go and make his wish come true! Do you understand what it did to my pride that twilit night when I couldn't do anything! Can you understand!?
    • Which is made infinitely worse by the fact that all three of them sound close to tears when saying these lines.
  • Big Sis Maid's rousing speech at the Demon King's hearing, about how she was born a serf and how the King was the first one to treat her like a human rather than an insect.
    • The most pitiful part must be her listing how all her siblings died in increasingly simple and tragic ways. Not unreasonable for the time, but heart-rending to hear said.