Series/MahouSentaiMagiranger, despite its generally light and optimistic tone, can pull at the heartstrings something fierce.

* The [[SacrificialLion Death of MagiMother]]. [[spoiler:Even knowing that she didn't really die doesn't change much.]]
* In Stage 26, as Smoky is dying from his curse, he tells [[TeamMom Urara]] that while he didn't have a mom, having been born of a volcano, he would have liked one like Urara. [[DisneyDeath Then Hikaru saves Smoky just in time, turning this into a heartwarming moment.]]
* Stage 34, Kai's tearful confession to [[spoiler:Wolzard that he doesn't want his only memories of his father to be of their battles against one another.]]
* Stage 28. Poor Tsubasa.
* That episode where that Samurai Infershia cuts the siblings bonds. My god, seeing how a cheerful guy like Makito got broken in that episode was terrible.
** Doubly so if you're the oldest sibling. Absolutely cuts to the quick.
* Stages 45-46: [[spoiler: Houka manages to befriend the GentleGiant of the Infernshia Gods, Titan. He choses to end his Divine Judgement, and helps Houka and Makito several times. However, he gets possessed by N Ma and he decides to go to the Lake of Tranquility to sleep for all time to prevent N Ma's resurrection. Just as he reaches there...[[TheDragon Dagon]] kills him to allow N Ma's resurrection.]] God...that was hard to watch.