Tear Jerker / Mabinogi

  • Your heart is made of stone if you didn't feel for Yoff when he cries upon remembering that he was once an Elf.
  • Tell me you weren't the least bit sad during Eiry's departure scene, at least the first time. I dare you.
  • Portia's departure in G15. She breaks down in uncontrollable tears at the prospect of never seeing you again. Awwwww...
  • Princess Eirawen initially comes off as a haughty girl who regularly verbally abuses her aide and ignores the wishes of her surrogate father/bodyguard. Then the two of them are killed during an assassination attempt on her. In the immediate aftermath, Eirawen first asks if it's her fault, prompting a yes/no response from the player. Regardless, she starts to weeps softly to herself, and the player is given the option to leave her alone or hug her. If you choose hug her: "She collapses into your arms and cries openly. Her hot tears soak your shirt." Then, in the scene immediately after, she watches the sea silently, and player is given the option to hold her hand. "She grasps your hand so tightly that her nails dig into your skin." Keep in mind that her father is dead, Lugh Lavada has turned the majority of the kingdom against her, and she just lost two of the people she's closest with. At that point, you're literally the only person she has left.