Tear Jerker: Lucky Star

  • And even though it was a comedy series, the episode of Lucky Star that talks about Konata's mother brought out the Kleenex for quite a few people.
  • "Doesn't count as a leftover. 'Cause I bought one." * sniff, sniff*
  • "My people... are everywhere." Cue Manly Tears.
  • And then there was Tsukasa's volleyball game in the OVA. Poor girl gets pwned and still can't win the game.
    • It's hard not to watch Tsukasa burst into tears after getting hit in the face with the ball and go "Awwwww."
  • The second half of Episode 22 can easily rival every other Tear Jerker anime scene in existence, seeing that the ending of the flashback scene was extremely heart-breaking.
  • In Episode 24, the last moments before the festival, with the girls looking with sadness at the preparations while a slow, sad version of the opening sounds.