Tear Jerker: LEGO Adaptation Game

Traveller's Tale Games tries harder to make their videogame adaptations as cheerful and funny as possible even in the most emotional moments of certain film sagas, though they don't always skip those tissue-in-hand scenes always.

LEGO Star Wars I, II & III

  • The cutscene that plays after defeating the Emperor in LEGO Star Wars II. Nearly every other scene is played for laughs, but the death of Anakin and Luke's final goodbye to him are played heart-breakingly straight.

LEGO The Lord of the Rings

  • Gandalf the Grey, Boromir, Théoden... each major character death in Lord of the Rings is played very faithfully to its movie counterpart (complete with dialogue from the films), and they're all heartbreaking as a result.
    • All except one - when you play through Helm's Deep, you'll see Haldir duelling an Uruk-hai atop the wall. No matter how quickly you climb up there, the orc will kill the elf. Haldir doesn't have a cutscene, dialogue, or anything - he just dies during the level and there's no way to save him. What a Player Punch.

LEGO Jurassic World

  • In the final cutscene of the last Jurassic Park level, John Hammond, like in the film, puts the same melancholic face before he leaves the island, realizing how his dream of creating a dinosaur park has failed. Even Alan Grant gets him from his arm to go inside the helicopter.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

  • The fight with Mastermind, in the Statue of Liberty. He takes control of player characters one by one, with a screen in the background showing what he's forcing into their heads. While relatively angst-free Mr. Fantastic just sees himself fighting off a bunch of Skrulls, Wolverine gets to relive the Weapon X experiment, and the Hulk gets to relive his birth as a giant green rage monster.
    Wolverine: No! You can't turn me into a monster! I won't let ya!

LEGO Batman

  • The end of "Breaking Bats" where Batman is being controlled by Brainiac. He grabs Robin by the neck and holds him over a drop.
    Robin: Batman, wait! We're a team! PLEASE! I'm your friend!
  • A subtle one during the visit to the Indigo Tribe, when you come across a statue of Abin Sur. It's never explained in game why this is the case, but comics fans will know that it's because Indigo-1 killed his daughter.
  • The climax of LEGO Batman 3 has Batman nearly being crushed by a Brainwashed and Crazy Superman. Fortunately, he's able to stop it from happening.