Tear Jerker: Kare Kano

This series has tons of it. The quality of tearjerker moments becomes more and more poignant as the series continues, delving into near depression

  • When Kazuma realises he's in love with his step-sister and is too emotionally immature to stay at the house, he goes to his band-mates' apartment and he's in tears.
  • Hiroyuki's tears after the death of his grandfather. The man was his father, and...I'm sorry, excuse me.
    • It's not sand in my eyes. To really get it, you need to understand the entirety of why the death was so painful to him. His grandfather loved him unconditionally despite Hiroyuki's brattiness as a kid (admittedly the brattiness was around other kids). Hiroyuki felt he owed so much to his father figure that he needed to graduate from school and earn a job as quickly as possible to try to pay him back for the love. When the death came and the implications hit home, Hiroyuki's explanation to his would-be wife is in a voice on the edge of cracking. The English voice acting can really enhance the scene.
  • The bullying Soichiro still receives from the Arima family (sans his adoptive parents) can be described in one word: Depressing. He doesn't fight back, smoothly insult them, or even tries to be nice to them. All he does is look in their direction and goes on his way.
  • Shizune's previous sadness of not being able to give a child to her husband, Shouji.
  • The ending of the manga version. Tears are present, but they are from joy and relief.
  • Souichirou is so full of self-hatred and self-loathing that he will inflict self-harm to atone for sins he believes he committed. It's so gut-wrenching that you almost feel the same emotional pain.
  • Souichirou's traumatic past with his Abusive Mother is equal parts this and Nightmare Fuel.