Tear Jerker / Kamen Rider: Skyrider

  • Everything involving Scorpioman in episode 4: Scorpioman was really a young woman named Miya who was captured by Neo Shocker and turned against her will into a Neo Shocker cyborg with no free will of her own, controlled by General Monster via a pendant. Once it's destroyed Scorpioman reverts back to Miya who regains her memory and reunites with her younger sister. However only a few hours later she transforms back into Scorpioman and heads off to a Neo Shocker base determined to get revenge on General Monster. However she's shot multiple times by Neo Shocker grunts armed with crossbows. Skyrider arrives just in time to witness Scorpioman/Miya pass away and enraged easily thrashes the grunts and General Monster (who manages to escape) and destroys the base.