Tear Jerker / Judge Dredd

The city — his beloved city — is dying before his eyes.


  • A Child's Tale. While pursuing two criminals, Dredd made a judgment call to take his bike through a busy district, but accidentally runs over a deaf woman as she's walking out of a building with her son. This switches to a child-like drawing style shown from the perspective of the son as he describes how angry he is at Dredd and sad about losing his mother. Dredd visits the boy several months later and sees the drawings, and wonders if anyone in his city gets a happy ending.
  • America. Poor Benny Beeny. America Jara, the love of his life, couldn't live with the totalitarian rule of the Judges and became a democratic outlaw. When they finally meet again, he can't convince her to leave her mission behind and be with him. She's subsequently killed when Dredd decided to make an example out of America's associates, only for another Judge to shoot her as well. Beeny finally transplants his brain into America's body and has it impregnated so she can continue to live through him. In the second part of his story, America's body starts rejecting the transplant, meaning that Benny will die. He takes the euthanasia option and enrols his daughter, America in the Academy of Law, hoping that she'll become an Internal Reformist.
  • Judge Dredd's confrontation with the no longer mind-controlled Judge Kraken at the end of Necropolis, who doesn't resist surrender and tells Dredd how the Dark Judges made him their puppet, only being able to weep as he murdered millions. They part on friendly terms as Dredd admits that he could have easily been standing in his place if he hadn't been away in the Cursed Earth before shooting his clone at his request.
  • Judge Morphy's death six months before he was due to take an academy posting in Tale of the Dead Man. This guy was Dredd's final assessing judge and had constantly given him advice whenever he had doubts about the job. Dredd even notes that he'd been like a real father to him and threatens to decapitate one of the perps responsible with a train. While he pulls him back in time, Morph's death was the final straw for Dredd and his doubts about the judge system and he quits, taking off into the Cursed Earth.
  • At the end of Origins, Dredd gets to see his clone father Fargo on his death bed one last time. Fargo asks where Joseph's brother Rico is, and Dredd says he couldn't make it. The Father of Justice reveals his despair at seeing the totalitarian society that America has become, and with his dying breath begs his kin to save the city. Dredd keeps the truth to himself.
    Fargo: It was never meant to be forever, Joe.
  • Day of Chaos has the biggest Downer Ending of any of the Mega Epics. Every attempt to avert the upcoming disaster fails due to bad decisions and bad luck striking all at once. In the end the majority of the population becomes infected with a deadly virus, and Dredd can do nothing but hope to pick up the pieces.
  • Dekker's death during "Judgement Day". After her grenade goes off, the next panel is a forlorn image of Dredd from behind, hanging his head. He notes that his best ever rookie has just passed on.
  • There is a story where Dredd travels into the past to prevent a virus from existing in his own time. One of the stops is "our" present, where he briefly talks to an old man who is the grandfather of one of the infectees. The old man is exhausted with the state of the world and his inability to stop his own grandson from participating in pointless rioting and looting.
  • The sad fate of Judge DeMarco, who was in love with Dredd. She eventually chose to leave the Justice Department and become a P.I, unable to abandon the human part of herself that craved companionship and love. Even worse, it's implied that Dredd really did return the attraction, but it didn't matter. The Law explicitly states that no Judge may have personal relationships, and that's that. Whatever Dredd may feel is inconsequential.

1995 movie:

  • Rico confronting his clone brother Dredd.
    Rico: I was your brother, your blood, your friend! They're (the clones) your family! I'm your family! (voice cracks) I was the only family you ever had!