Tearjerker: Jesus Christ Superstar

  • Knowing what's going to happen.
    • 'Heaven on Their Minds' can be pretty tragic with this in mind.
  • Gethsemane. Dear Lord, Gethsemane.
  • 'Could We Start Again, Please?' if the production includes it.
  • 'Judas' Death'.
    • Tim Minchin's rendition, particularly the reprise of 'I Don't Know How To Love Him'.
  • 'John 19:41'. Hell, the ending alone.
  • Judas practically begging the priests for reassurance that he's doing the right thing in 'Damned For All Time'. Villain? Hardly.
  • The "Trials and Tribulations" song in "The Last Supper" is pretty tragic, knowing that this is the last time the disciples will be happy for quite some time.