Tearjerker / Jake and Amir

  • Amir's lone birthday montage.
  • Girlfriend Pt. 7: "I'm sad. You made me sad."
  • Fourth of July Scroll: "I think you need to die. No, seriously. It's been six years and you're getting worse. The world would just be an infinitely better place if you weren't in it."
  • "Date Night" (alternatively known as "Amir Faces the Harsh Reality of Dating"), an episode which pulls back from the show's usual format and gives us some insight into Amir's life outside the office. On a date which is clearly going badly, he offers the girl 500 dollars on the condition that she leave immediately and never see him again, meaning to test her commitment. She leaves without hesitation and he complains, "Nobody's ever not taken the money." The rest of the video depicts him walking silently and miserably home and eating fast food in his apartment. The last few seconds shift to the usual office setting with Amir sitting across from Jake, at the point where an episode would typically begin.