Tear Jerker / Iron Man

  • When talking about Yinsen's family, Yinsen asks if Tony has anyone to return home to. Tony silently indicates the negative. Yinsen marvels that Tony is a man who has everything, yet nothing.
  • "My family is dead. I'm going to see them now... Don't waste your life, Stark..."
  • When, after Tony's escape from the terrorists, Rhodey finds Tony in the desert and they hug. "Next time you ride with me, all right?"
  • The press conference Tony held after getting back from Afghanistan when he first talks about Howard Stark about never saying a proper goodbye when he passed away.
  • "I shouldn't be alive, unless it was for a reason. I'm not crazy, Pepper. I just finally know...what I have to do...and I know in my heart, it's right."
  • Tony, not long after discovering that Obie has screwed him over, blasts apart pretty much every glass surface in the room after seeing his reflection in one of them.
  • In the opening scene, three soldiers that Tony gets to know whilst in the "Fun-Vee" get slaughtered when the Ten Rings attack the convoy. Even worse is Jimmy, the youngest soldier, who seems incredibly nervous around Stark, but has the most Adorkable grin on his face when Stark says it's cool if he takes a picture with him... especially when he's allowed to do a gang sign. He arguably gets the more horrific death of the three, being riddled with machine gun fire.