Tear Jerker / Inspector Spacetime

  • Layla's death in "The Blorgons' Cunning Scheme" is one, she was the first associate to die showing that no one was safe with the Inspector.
  • When Coco is literally Put on a Bus as she and the Inspector tearfully part company at Victoria Coach Station at the beginning of "The Opium Dealers".
  • Jeffrey's death. Just Jeffrey's death.
  • Most of the TV Movie is camp and silly, but the Seventh Inspector's meeting with an elderly Dynamo (knowing that she will soon die and he is about to be forcibly metamorphosed) is truly touching. In one short scene, Stephen Fry managed to extract himself from the Scrappy Heap.
    "Right on schedule."
  • Patricia Taylor dying in Lily's arms in "Mothering Sunday", considered one of the most emotional episodes of Inspector Spacetime.
  • James Haggard's character development as he comes to terms with his pansexuality. Having been raised in a conservative home, and forced into becoming a military man, James' troubles coping with who he is has won the show multiple awards.
  • Camilla Sea succumbing to the Deviant Strain. Her body begins to glow and pulsate as the Inspector can only watch powerless. It's tragic, even if you didn't like the character.
    Camilla Sea: Oh God, it's happening, Inspector. I can feel it, I can feel everything. I am slowly dying!
    'The Inspector: I'm so sorry Camilla, I—-there's nothing I can do.
    Camilla Sea: (nearing hysterics) It's not fair Inspector, me and Reginald.. I saw our wedding, I saw our children, this isn't possible! How...?
    The Inspector: The Time Deviants are walking Temporal Paradoxes. They are the impossible made possible. The past becomes an unreliable memory. The present, a fluid yesterday and the future, a constellation of chaos.
    Camilla Sea: When you see Reggie (tears begin to fall) lie to him. Tell him his Scottish Princess was brave. Lie to him Inspector...Promise me. Tell him I wasn't afraid; tell him that.
    The Inspector: Brave heart girl, you are not alone.
    Camilla Sea: Inspector. Why can't I stay?
    The Inspector can only watch in horror and sorrow as Camilla Sea explodes into Trans Dimensional Morphic energy leading to her new more alien Time Deviant form.
  • The Eighth Inspector, played by Steve Carell, making a toast to all his companions — all of them!— before metamorphosing into the Unknown Inspector, played by William Hurt, in Twilight of the Inspector.