[[caption-width-right:350:I never knew being weak could be so painful...]]

* When we're first introduced to Leorio, the audience was made to believe that he was just some greedy punk because his motivation to being a hunter was MoneyDearBoy. However, at the beginning of the Hunter's Exam, Kurapika learns that he wants the money to be a doctor and run a free clinic after [[spoiler: a close friend of his died at a young age]]. It makes his FunnyMoments where he rants about wanting money HarsherInHindsight.
* The events of chapters 304-307. Seeing the KidHero ''break'' and give in to rage and despair is heart-wrenching.
** [[spoiler: What's worse is that after going on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge, he's completely broken both physically and mentally. In fact, he was nearly on his deathbed after fighting Pitou]]
* [[spoiler: Kite's death]], made even worse by Gon's complete denial of the possibility of his death, especially when it was obvious from the get go [[spoiler: Kite had long since died and had been turned into a puppet by Pitou.]] The audience is painfully aware of this which [[spoiler: makes Gon's complete breakdown at the AwfulTruth all the more tragic.]]
** [[spoiler: He's technically revived as a Chimera Ant, but the person himself is still dead]]
* After [[spoiler: Kurapika kills Uvogin]], he falls to his knees and holds his head in horror. The next time we see him, he goes to his hotel room, and starts to chant the Kurata prayer slowly, traumatized. [[TheWoobie Poor guy]].
* [[spoiler:The Chimera Ant King's death, especially with the pure black panels fitting his dying dialogue, which makes his death even sadder. It's almost a Japanese ComicBook/WhenTheWindBlows.]]
* If the entire annihilation of a clan wasn't enough alone, the horrible manner at which the Kurata were massacred is absolutely '''heartwrenching'''. [[spoiler: Families were forced to sit, facing each other, as they were stabbed and beheaded one-by-one. Pureblood members of the Clan had their eyes gouged out. Children, wives, and husbands were tortured in front of their beloveds to illicit feelings of despair and rage from their victims in order to turn their eyes an even more startling shade of scarlet.]] This was the destruction of an entirely innocent race of people, at the hands of monsters.
** Which makes Kurapica's quest for vengeance and Gon's outrage over the Phantom troupe murdering people, even when they know full well how much it hurts to lose someone ''they'' care about, even more understandable and poignant.
* Speaking of the special chapters, [[spoiler:the sheer contrast between [[CheerfulChild the child]] [[WideEyedIdealist Kurapika]] used to be (not at all unlike Gon) and [[AloofAlly the person]] [[ThePowerOfHate he is now]]]], also serves to drive home just how much of an impact the massacre has had on [[LastOfHisKind his life]] and [[HeWhoFightsMonsters his mental state]], and how much he has lost from there. [[spoiler:His return in the Zodiac arc a few chapters later doesn't help things. He has become extremely hostile and shut himself from his friends and everything, going from eagerly reading and dreaming about the outside to practically isolating himself in a dark room with the Scarlet Eyes he has collected, completely focused on his mission]]. Maybe, if the Kurata massacre had never happened and this were a different story, Kurapika could have easily been the hero of a more typical Shonen story. Instead, his revenge has become his only purpose and consumed everything in his life. It seems he has completely abandoned [[spoiler:the promise he made to Pairo]], which is deeply depressing.
--> [[AC:'''Kurapika:''']] (reflecting) [[spoiler:Pairo... It looks like my journey is finally ending. But, where will it take me? [[YouCantGoHomeAgain People to greet me or welcome me, or a place to come back to... I don't have anything like that at all]].]]
* Alluka's SplitPersonality Nanika spends most of the time giving Alluka her CreepyChild cred. [[spoiler: Then, after it's revealed that Nanika likes Killua enough to do whatever he says without any of the [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor wish restrictions]] as long as it's a direct order, Killua tries to seal Alluka's power away by ordering Nanika to never come out again. Cue the creepy, blank-eyed Nanika breaking down and crying until she complies, and then Alluka angrily chastising Killua for making her cry until he agrees to take it back.]]