Tear Jerker / Home Movies

  • The end of "Focus Grill", the series finale. Brendon's camera is accidentally dropped out the window and ran over. The episode then closes with the camera fuzzing out and going black, symbolizing the end of the series and the end of Brendon's attempts at being a movie maker, as earlier, he realized that all the movies he did are bad and that he doesn't know why he, Melissa, and Jason do them, so they decided to quit.
    • It could be seen as more of a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming though, with the implication being that Brendon and his friends no longer need making movies as a pretense for hanging out together. Brendon looks back at his camera being crushed, but he looks forward towards his friends and family in the car, and after a moment doesn't even seem to care about the camera anymore.
    • Evident when Brendon and friends actually re-watch movies they'd shot in the past, and discovered what they shot was absolute unwatchable crap. They discovered making the films was far more fun than actually seeing the finished products.
  • Fenton's character. He's a complete Jerkass and Spoiled Brat, but chiefly because he has no social skills and is pretty lonely.