Tear Jerker / History of Power Rangers

  • Linkara takes a moment to give Thuy Trang's passing a mention.
  • The Under Pressure montage at the end of his look at Power Rangers in Space. Even if he took it from SF Debris (with acknowledgement that he got permission) one can't help but get a little choked up.
    Zordon: "The world is very lucky to have you, and so am I. May the power protect you always."
    • It's now impossible for some to even read that line without tearing up.
  • The death of Kendrix Morgan. He even shows himself reacting to the moment instead of just using the show's footage, a feat that wouldn't be replicated until the Operation Overdrive review.
  • The death of Villamax. Seeing him killed so soon after saving a little girl and showing he has a heart comes off harsher than in the show, where there's more time between the two events.
  • Linkara admits that the scene between Trakeena and her father, having a last moment before his death, is well acted and executed.
  • Similar to the Under Pressure scene, Linkara decides to do a montage for the "Grand Finale" of Power Rangers in his RPM review, set to Matchbox 20's "How Far We've Come". While not played during a tragic scene as Zordon's Tube breaking, it's still strong enough to put the entirety of Power Rangers in perspective.
  • In the Samurai review, his explanation of the tragedy of Lauren's character can be somewhat disheartening for someone who had never noticed it the first time around. She spends the entire season being treated as Jayden's Replacement Scrappy, but if Jayden had just talked with the others about how he felt instead of up and leaving, it seemed like the others would have welcomed Lauren with open arms.
  • The Megaforce review is the longest thus far, and by the end of it, Linkara just sounds so... broken. So utterly fed up that he's stopped caring.