Tear Jerker / Hedone High

Sometimes, things get rough.
  • The entire comic "Melancholy". Izm starts to wonder if A.E.D actually likes him, or if he just puts up with him. Of course, at the end there is some sweetness between D. and Izm.
  • The thought that in the future, D. and Izm are enemies.
  • The picture "Why Should I?" looks far sadder then the story behind it.
  • "Idiot"
    • The description.
    stupid stupid idiot bastard why the hell did you do that for?
    oh fuck, oh fuck i'm gonna kill them shit shit shit it won't stop bleeding c'mon .D it's just a bit of lead you can take this! why did you get in the way you stupid fucking bastard? AND WHY IS IT RAINING?
    oh my god oh my god hey hang in there the paramedics will be here soo- NO NONO stay awake you motherfucker. yes fuck you too but you cant sleep yet not yet
    idiot idiot IDIOT hang on. you cant go! you die and i'll kill you. i'll fucking piss on your grave if you die i swear if you die i'll kick your ass if you die i'll kill you dont you DARE DIE I'LL KICK YOUR ASS! dont c'mon hang on hang on