[[caption-width-right:347:This is far from being the only case of pathos in the pigeon dating games.]]

* Ryouta's ending
* Nageki's ending is both heartwarming and completely heartwrenching, as is [[spoiler:his brother]] Kazuaki's/[[spoiler:Hitori's]].
* The Bad Boys Love route. ''All of it.''
** Well, maybe not the parts that were purely horror or (in a completely out-of-place way) ''funny,'' but yeah, too much of it will get the tear ducts working.
** "Go on, Sakuya... [[spoiler: leave your liar brother, and go]]..."
*** [[spoiler: "[[PleaseWakeUp Yuuya!]] '''''YUUYA!!'''''"]]
** The final reveal of [[spoiler:who killed Hiyoko and how she died]] serves quite effectively as the DespairEventHorizon for at least one in-game character.
* The fourth chapter of Holiday Star has a lot of these too with one of the major ones coming from the reveal of who [[spoiler: The King]] used to be and how he became what he is today. [[spoiler: The page image is a snippet of The King's tragic backstory.]]
--> [[spoiler: [[MadnessMantra "I want to die. I want to die. I want to die.]] But I don't have enough courage to do it myself. I don't want to feel pain. I don't want to feel suffering. Please somebody help me..."]]
--> [[spoiler: "No! Wait! I don't want to die! I never wanted to die in the first place! SocietyIsToBlame for making me feel this way! You said you would die together with me... Why did you betray me...?"]]
* In the First chapter of Holiday Star, it's revealed that [[CheerfulChild Miru and Kaku]] were [[spoiler: not supposed to exist at all, and were going to be killed if Ryuuji Kawara did not save them. After that, when he died, they were left abandoned again.]]
* The creator drew [[http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/hatoful/images/2/25/MoaScrapRyuujiAndIsaKiddiePool.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20150809182549 this]] bit of art, showing Ryuuji playing with his son in an inflatable pool while Isa looks on. Fridge Sorrow kicks in when you recall that years later, Ryouta doesn't know how to swim - his father was never around to teach him, and then he died. [[spoiler: In Holiday Star while he does seem to recognize Ryouta, the Migrant isn't interested and still favors "Isa".]]
* The entirety of the 12th chapter of the manga. [[spoiler: Aside from Hitori, who could arguably get a FateWorseThanDeath, ''everyone in it'' is DoomedByCanon.]]
* The [[https://gumroad.com/moa810 manga]] "Focus on the Hawks" is a largely silly manga about Hawk Party researchers Ryuuji, Tohri, and young Shuu ("Isa") getting by and having interpersonal conflicts. As anyone who's played through BBL knows, [[spoiler: Ryuuji dies]] - and we get to see that Isa literally does not know how to deal with that, so he tries to keep working.
* Love him or hate him, [[spoiler: Hitori's change from being a friendly caretaker to an insane mess]] is absolutely ''heartwrenching''.
* [[spoiler: It's implied that, if you're not on Sakuya, Yuuya, or Anghel's route, both Yuuya and Anghel die.]] It's even stated on [[spoiler: Yuuya's ending card that he [[ShoutOut only]] [[Film/JamesBond lives twice.]]]]