Tear Jerker / Half-Life

  • The ending of Half-Life 2 Episode 2, where Eli Vance is killed by a Combine Advisor. Made particularly tragic in that his last words is to tell his daughter to look away. Alyx's heartbroken sobbing, begging her dad not to leave her as the screen goes dark and the credits begin crawling doesn't help matters either.
  • The fate of the rebels Sandy and Lazlo. If you manage to save Sandy, then he tells you to go on ahead, and that there's "something [he] has to do". The Tear Jerker is the fact that it sounds awfully like he's going to follow after his friend; it's entirely likely he was just going to bury Lazlo's body, though.
  • The uncertain fate of Shepherd. Somewhere, he's still stuck in Limbo.
  • The Nihilanth is the last of his kind, after his entire species has been murdered by the Combine. Imagine how alone he must feel after losing anyone he (potentially) cared about. Killing him and thus rendering his species extinct is a depressing thought.
  • Fan content, but still sad and beautiful. Compounded by one of the video's comments:
    A requiem.
    For Winston, Lazlo, Eli Vance, and the rebel casualties in the war against the Combine.
    For the billions of people killed by the Universal Union. For the civilization that took 10,000 years to build...and took 7 hours to be annhilated.
    A requiem for humanity. A salute to the fallen. May the war go on, until humanity is free...or extinct.
  • The crowbar gets incinerated at the beginning of the last chapter of Half-Life 2. It's a tragic way to lose a trusty companion.
  • This fan made video is particularly poignant and sad.