Tear Jerker / Green Day

For being a punk rock band, this band is no stranger to writing songs that can make you cry.
  • The heartwarming "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" can break even the most macho of men when played at funerals.
    • In spite of the title, there is nothing ironic about the song. It is bittersweet. It describes a relationship that has had its ups and downs, and now it's time for both to move on - but it explicitly says that it was a relationship worth having!
  • "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" is another one, especially when you listen to the lyrics. They sing about loneliness and feeling like you can't connect to anybody. Really hits home when one lyric goes "check my vitals signs to know I'm still alive" indicating that there's times when the person in the song feels so alone that they're in the mire of serious depression and feel practically catatonic due to their "isolation"
  • Or "Wake Me Up When September Ends", considering the fact that this song is about his father, who died when Billie Joe was just 10 years old.
    • Specifically, the title came about because after arriving home from his father's funeral (which was in September), Billie locked himself in his room, telling his mother to wake him when the month was over.
    • The music video. It's about a boyfriend and girlfriend couple that has their relationship tarnished after the boyfriend enlists in the army for the Iraq War, breaking his vow to never leave his lover. Once the girlfriend finds out, she is reduced to hysteric tears, and her boyfriend gives her an emotional I Did What I Had to Do rationalization. Of course, the boyfriend dies at war.
  • Then there is the American Idiot outro, "Whatsername".
  • "Before the Lobotomy".
  • "Give Me Novacaine". Just the premise of feeling so hopeless that actually feeling nothing at all seems like the better option, combined with how much purer Billie Joe's voice sounds on the track makes it one of the most moving songs on the album.
  • Anyone who has really listened to the 21st Century Breakdown opener "Song of the Century" by itself should have to compose themselves at the mention of the title.
  • Their cover of "The Saints Are Coming" with U2.
  • "Homecoming" can also trigger the tears.
  • In the right state of mind, "21 Guns" has this effect.
    • The Broadway version of the song makes it even more of a Tear Jerker with Rebecca Naomi Jones's heartrending performance as well as Playing The Heartstrings along with a much more gentle guitar track.
  • "Macy's Day Parade" is a song that can make some people cry, no matter how many times they listen to it.
  • "See the Light," the final track of 21st Century Breakdown.
  • "Brutal Love", "Amy" and "The Forgotten".
    • "Drama Queen" will make a listener feel dejected, with its downlow sound and Billie Joe's saddened vocals.
    • "X-Kid". This song was written in response to the suicide of a close friend that Billie Joe grew up with. He (Billie) was able to push through the struggles that came with growing older, while his friend was not. His friend, unfortunately, found an escape in suicide.
    • "Lazy Bones." Listen to the lyrics and remember that Billie was struggling with personal problems at the time.
    "It's only in my head
    As I roll over and play dead
    I don't want to hear it anymore"
  • The video for "Working Class Hero", which was made as part of an Amnesty International campaign to help the people of Darfur.
  • "Walking Alone" is a very evocative song that really encapsulates the feeling of self-regret and isolation.
  • In an episode of Nurse Jackie, Billie Joe plays a Pickup of Jackie, who dies of a drug overdose. Although, this could be more considered as Harsher in Hindsight.
  • From Revolution Radio, "Still Breathing,", a song about Billie's sobriety, "Outlaws,", which is a reflective song based off of the early days of the band and "Ordinary World.", which is based of the film of the same name, but is a heartwarming ballad about two lovers who don't have much except for each other.