Tear Jerker / Grandia

  • Justin's departure from the Town of Parm aboard the Steamer is especially poignant.
    • Leading up to the departure, Justin has always made it known that he wanted to travel to the New World in search of adventure, especially to his mother, Lilly. Justin manages to get a ticket to the New World, but isn't able to tell Lilly the news of his departure. During the dinner the night before he leaves, Justin hints at his plans to board the Steamer. The morning after, Justin finally prepares to board the Steamer. Before he actually boards it, however, Justin is alerted to a letter sticking out his back pocket. It's from Lilly, who goes on to say how proud she is of Justin in the letter, and to follow his dreams.
  • Sue leaving for Parm in the ruins at the Mysterious Vanishing Hill.
    • She tries so very hard to not cry, but she fails at the very last moment. Justin, who's usually very talkative, is at a loss for * words the entire time.
  • Feena witnessing General Ba'al make Justin fall to his apparent death.
  • The awesome music itself can cause this.