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Tear Jerker: Gokukoku No Brynhildr
As the series comes from the creator of Elfen Lied, there should be no surprise that there's plenty of sad moments. This series has been marked 'Tragedy' for a reason.
  • Chie sacrificing herself so that Kotori could live long enough to see her birthday.
  • The death of Nanami. Poor girl just wanted to have friends and had just found some. Pop goes the beacon.
  • Mizuka, poor girl just wanted to live, desperately hoping that the researchers wouldn't kill her as long as she remained useful.
  • Murakami is forced to eject Takatori Kotori to prevent her from accidentally killing all life on Earth. It's incredibly heartbreaking to watch her melt as she tries to keep up a smile for her friends. It also worthy to note that this is the first time in the manga that one of the main characters have died.
  • Kuroha losing her memories as Kuroneko during her fight against Valkyria. Unfortunately the battle was so taxing on her that she loses all of her memories again, not just of Kuroneko, but everything else she remembered as Kuroha as well. In the manga she also acts somewhat cold towards Ryouta again, having forgotten about him and wondering why this guy keeps sticking around her.
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