Tear Jerker / Gandhi

  • The depiction of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre.
    • Gandhi seeing the blood stains that were left behind.
  • During his hunger strike to end Hindu-Muslim violence and religious riots.
    *A man strides into Gandhi's dwelling and throws bread at his feet*
    Man: Eat...EAT! I am going to hell, but I will not have your death on my soul!
    Gandhi: Only God decides who goes to hell.
    Man: I killed a child! A Muslim infant! I picked it up and smashed its head against a wall!
    Gandhi: Why?
    Man: Because they killed my son! The Muslims killed my only son! *indicates the boy's height by holding a hand around his waist, starts crying* He was just a little boy, about so tall...
    Gandhi: I know a way out of hell. Go out into the streets and find a little boy...
    *Gandhi holds his hand around the height of the man's waist.*
    Gandhi: ...about so tall, whose mother and father have been killed. Take him home and raise him as your own. Only, be sure that he is a Muslim, and be sure that you raise him as such.
  • The death of Ba, Gandhi's wife. The look of absolute sadness and despair on Ben Kingsley's face is heartbreaking.