Tear Jerker / Fundies Say the Darndest Things

  • Surprisingly, there is one.
  • The note the end of a possibly true post on how a mother told her gay son that he was unnatural and that she had "lost her son". Note: the boy eventually took his own life.
  • The fate of the site's first administrator, WinAce.
  • Recently, in response to a fundie comment claiming that you need to fear God to love Him, a commenter named Passerby (who has given permission for this moment to be posted here) shared exactly what it was like to grow up under a figure that demanded fear above all else. Here is what it was like for Passerby.
  • Regardless of one's own religious beliefs, many of the posts on Rapture Ready sound downright depressing. One poster claimed that she taught her children not to expect the world to last much longer. Fortunately, most Christian teachings explicitly prohibit suicide.
    • A few commenters theorized that the poster has depression. Mainly because, in the middle of a subdued rant about how evil the world has become, we got this:
    Post:I'm just ready. I have never been so ready in my life. I'm tired. I want to go home.
  • The reactions of some of the commenters themselves to things like the "I'm tired. I want to go home" quote or the divorced woman will either make you sad for what happened to them or angry at their sheer callousness.