Tear Jerker / Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

  • The scene where Aki reveals one of the spirits was a Littlest Cancer Patient.
  • The fall of Barrier City 42, New York City. You are dead inside if you don't wear the same expression as the Deep Eyes after listening to the desperate screams and death cries of the people in the shuttle and rooftop scene. It is Nightmare Fuel that will shake you every time you watch.
  • The whole scene where the Deep Eyes perish.
    • Including Neil and Jane's shocked faces when Neil gets killed by a phantom and then when Jane realizes she can't escape either. Considering how Jane always picked on Neil, it was especially touching how she reacted when he died. When she realized she was trapped, she made sure her body fell next to him in death. Pass the tissue.
    • And the Big "NO!" scene where Grey screams out Ryan's name just after he dies.
    • Followed by Glad-to-Be-Alive Sex between Gray and Aki.
  • Kind of hard not to feel something when Aki is mourning over the loss of the Deep Eyes and New York City.
  • The ending. Grey sacrifices himself to destroy the Phantoms. In front of his love. After his squad of True Companions died trying to get Aki and Dr. Sid out of New New York.
    "You've been trying to tell me death isn't the end, don't back out on me... now that I finally believe."
  • Upon their arrival at the old battlefield, Ryan says softly, "My father's down there somewhere." Becomes hard to look at that field and not start thinking that each of those suits was once a father, a husband, a brother, a son...