Tear Jerker / Evile

  • The death of Mike Alexander. While it is tragic to see a band member pass away like that, there more to it.
    • Essentially, his story of how he joined Evile is based on the racism experienced by other musicians upon learning of a black metal head. Meeting Matt Drake was his final opprotunity to be a full fledged musician, else he'd quit permanently.
    • Next up was the raffle draw. He's survived by his girlfriend and three children, so as a result the Drake brothers held a raffle draw as a way to raise money for the family.
      • The kicker of this? All the prizes came from famous bands (i.e Annihilator, Slayer, etc.)
    • Finally, there was the benefit concert. On the 15th of December, the rest of the members of Evile held a benefit concert intent on helping raise money for Alexander's family. They were joined by other close friends of the band (Nick Barker, Gama Bomb, Mutant) to play covers of Mike's favourite songs. The whole set can be found here.
    • A bit of a bonus to this; it was confirmed by the Drake brothers that Home On The Range was the leitmotif to whenever Alexander got drunk. During the benefit concert, their latest Bloodstock appearance in 2012 and most likely the rest of their shows, Evile has adopted this to become their leitmotif when leaving the stage.