Tear Jerker / Everyman HYBRID

  • A few, mostly involving Alex and Jeff.
    • The email about their parents.
    • Sparky's death.
  • And now we have Jessie's death. The fact that she was ripped apart (thankfully, we're not shown this), as well as Evan's utter shell-shock at the incident makes things so much worse.
  • Jeff and Alex are dead now too, and Evan is completely possessed, leaving Vince as the last one left.
  • As of "WAKE UP," it turns out that Evan's not completely possessed...and HABIT left him to break down over the aftermath of what he did.
    • Evan entering the attic room where HABIT tortured his victims. He puts down the camera, determined not to broadcast his discovery...only to stagger back into the frame moments later, shellshocked. Then the audio cuts out, and we're treated to several minutes of Evan silently screaming and crying as he pounds his fists into the floor.
    • Evan remembering the atrocities he committed as HABIT. The anguish and self-loathing in his voice are nothing short of heartbreaking.
      • Worst of all is his confession that HABIT made him eat his own baby daughter. If you aren't numb with horror, you'll be in tears.
        "All the life is gone. No more light. No more, no more remembering. (pause) I'm going to kill myself tomorrow... Thank you, but I think this monster's had enough. Bye."
    • One final kick in the teeth: based on Evan's memories, HABIT made Jeff cry and beg for his life...just like he promised he would.
  • "L'esprit de l'escalier". Evan visits Vinny during a period of clarity, and it becomes painfully clear that Vinny is destined to be HABIT's next victim — and there is nothing that either of them can do to prevent it.
    Evan: Vinny...I tried.
    Vinny: Tried what, Evan?
    Evan: I tried to keep you safe.
    Vinny: (puts a hand on Evan's shoulder) I don't think anything's gonna do it at this point, brother.
    Evan: (quiet voice) I'm sorry.
  • Evan's tearful, "Vinnie, you're the only person I have" before going through with Vin's plan to summon HABIT.
  • Amuse Bouche is more or less the usual habits of HABIT we come to know and love to hate: Guy gets kidnapped? Check. Guy is confused? What else. Guy gets killed? Wouldn't be a HABIT video without it. There is some symbolic explanation of the shit going down that we're left to figure out on our own, but it's mostly the usual HABIT-centered entry. However, the ending strikes an uncomfortable chord with me; as HABIT chokes his newest victim to death, Vinny is left to watch in fear. The exchange at the very end is pretty tear-jerking to someone who's seen nasty arguments brew between spouses.
    Vinny: Why are you doing this?! He has nothing to do with this!
  • "Le Premier Cours": When Evan realizes he can't remember his dad or his sister; you can see his spirit die a little more when he says "He took them from us."
  • Three's Company: Vinny drugging an innocent man, and himself, while tearfully insisting that he's not a bad person.
    • That's not just any innocent man: it's Shaun Andersen. And HABIT is using him as bait to lure in his brother, Michael.
  • Blue Room All of it. Especially the flashbacks to the happier times.
  • In "Christmas", Evan being so mindscrewed that he's not sure any more where HABIT starts and he stops.
    • In the same episode Vinnie calling himself a monster and Evan (despite his state) trying to cheer up Vinnie by suggesting they play video games like old times.
  • In two thousand three hundred ninety-five, Vinnie loses all hope that he'll ever be truly free of all the supernatural shit infesting his life and kills himself. He gets better.
  • At the end of "Sleeping dogs lie", we finally see what Vinnie did after he was finally released from Apt. 3103 — he collapses into the dirt and breaks down crying.