Tear Jerker / Eurreach

Ren is hitting all of the feels with Eurreach. See each sad and tearful moment below!

  • Prince Ector's opening session. The kid's not even ten at the time, yet he witnesses the invasion of his home kingdom, the death of his parents, the king and queen, and is responsible for the Shadow Witch afflicting the Kanin curse on the populace. While better than the curse's intended purpose, it simply led to the Shadow Witch enslaving the people who couldn't escape Ironfar's walls. On top of this, he attempts to save himself and his sister, after just being cursed, from a minotaur warrior clad in thick, nigh-impenetrable armor, using a small sword that he just received as a gift from the king. It goes about as well as you'd expect, and he's launched out of the castle window with his sister, fifty feet above the ground. They barely survive, thanks to Barrus. It's not until ten days later when he awakes that he finally has the chance to cry about everything that happened to him.
    • And it's made worse when you read the King's last words to his son.
    King Vaynard: Do you remember, a few months back, when you started seeing Barrus, and you would come home, exited and all a-flutter, spouting stories of a time when our land was wraught with glorious battle?
    Prince Ector nods. The princess nods also.
    King Vaynard: ...Bad men... are coming to our land, and I have to go and stop them.
    King Vaynard: I need you to stay with your mother while I'm gone.
    King Vaynard: I'll come back for you...
    King Vaynard: ...I promise.
  • Jackson's Childhood was pretty okay. He led a simple life on a simple farm with a simple adoptive parent. Then, one day, knights came riding into town on their way south to Aurvallis to quell the Nagakin/Centaur skirmishes. One of these knights, Sir Thomas Crane, came to Jackson's farm asking for a place to stable his horse. Crane took a shine to Jackson, and started teaching him the ways of the knight. His mere presence brightened the boy's life and gave him an idealistic view of the world. Then, on a stormy day, Crane rides into town, half dead, on his horse, having traveled like that for more than three days, staying alive just long enough to reach Jackson and leave him his affects, telling him to warn the King of an inevitable war between the Centaurs and the Nagakin. His last words telling the young centaur that he'll make a fine captain some day, and then finally dying, right there in Jackson's arms.