!Book 1

* [[FinalSpeech "Dora... We have done... our Duty! Eyaaaaagh!"]]
** [[ReluctantWarrior "Me too, Warlord."]]
* Jillian and Vinny's reaction to Ansom's death. "Hey, you're the only one grievin' right now, right? Right?! IZZAT WHAT YOU THINK?"
* [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%201/129 This]] is either one, or narrowly avoids it by virtue of snarky hamster.

!Summer Updates

* The story of Wrigley, Stabber of Unaroyal. He was born into a world devoted to war, with the sole purpose of fighting in that war. Yet, he never got the chance to serve in combat, living a mind-numbingly dull life. When the city he is in finally does come under attack, the enemy so outclassed the defenders that it was like he wasn't even there. And so he sits chained in the mud, waiting for his execution and the only thing he can bring himself to wish for is to know what happened to his spear.

!Book 2

* A subtle one, but poignant when one takes the Summer Updates into account: in the most recent update (as of 3/6/11) a portrait of a lady we have not seen before is visible over Don King's shoulder. Instead of being an obvious [[FriendlyNeighborhoodVampire Transilvitian]], however, she has red hair, skin that isn't grey, and dresses in orange as opposed to the normal monochrome of Transylvito. Conclusion? [[FridgeBrilliance This was Queen Bea of Unaroyal, a close friend of Don's who disbanded herself and her entire side when Wanda beat down the door.]] This is in a panel where Don tries to convince his Moneymancer accountant to be true to her ideals in vain.
* [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%202/107 Such was the worth of the king's currency, and Slately spent his lies well.]]
** Mitigated somewhat, as Slately has changed his mind.
* King Slately asking Don King for a loan to promote Tramennis to an heir.
** And Don, [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%202/136 preparing]] to break the news that he can't indulge his old friend's last request.
*** Bunny's heartbroken face at seeing the Don and Caesar at odds a few panels before only adds to it.
* Tramennis hearing the news of Ossomer's death and decryption.
-->'''Tramennis''': She really croaked him. You saw it? She turned him into a little puppet? Like Ansom?... The fate of the world shall be as the world deserves, but not so with each one of us.
** The warlord crying in the background just drives the point home.
* [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%202/164 Going... home.]]
* "Father. [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%202/176 Doubles don't leave a body.]]"
** So this is what it's like to feel alive!
* "[[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%202/195 That's... irony, really.]]"
** [[spoiler: Jack?]]
* There is something just a little disturbing about Antium's [[spoiler: first death]]. The heroes don't even seem to regard him at all and the way he goes into a mini MadnessMantra and the look on his face when he is [[spoiler: hit by friendly fire.]] [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%202/120 's a little depressing to say the least.]]
* [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%202/181 Trammenis and Slately have to say goodbye.]] Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, for a few reasons. But make no mistake, it ''is'' their final farewell.
* Stanley isn't what you call a nice guy and he isn't the most mature, but he's smarter than he looks. It's a little odd to see him doubt Wanda and, a little sad, when he [[http://archives.erfworld.com/Book%202/93 starts telling himself]] that Wanda didn't try to set him up and get him killed in the attack on Faq. Of course, the [[DramaticIrony audience knows]] that she did try to get him killed and she really doesn't give a rat's ass about him at all. She's just interested in his attunement. Given what he was saying in previous strips, it's obviously been bugging him for a long while.
* The journal entry of Trammenis [[spoiler: aka King Trammenis the Reluctant.]] He's filled with self doubt regarding [[spoiler: his worthiness to the throne]] which is not helping the fact that he is currently Jetstone's OnlySaneMan.
-->'''Trammenis''': I must be brave. But first I must find a [[spoiler: Chief Warlord]] who will agree with me. And how can I do that, when I lack the bravery even to turn a few pages and [[WellDoneSonGuy read what my father wrote of me?]]
* Parson straight up asks Sizemore what's wrong, and gets an answer. Parson hasn't just forced Sizemore to kill, he's completely ''ruined his life''. Sizemore used to be everybody's friend in the Magic Kingdom, loved by everyone he met. Since Parson turned Gobwin Knob into the most feared side on Erf, everybody hates Sizemore now. And then Parson went and [[spoiler:brought the war to the Magic Kingdom]], destroying the only place Sizemore ever felt safe, forever.
-->'''Sizemore:''' I was Qualified, you know that? Everyone here was my friend. Now I'm nothing. It's over.

!Book 0

* Tommy Firebaugh's sudden death would have been heartbreaking for Wanda, but the kicker is that she knew before anyone else because of her ''croakamancy senses'', which she took great pride in.
** It gets worse, after she uncroaks him, [[CradleOfLoneliness she orders him to put his arms around her and sobs in his arms]].
* Wanda's father promotes her to Overlord to preserve their Side, which is under attack while she's away. Her new "Ruler Senses" allow her to know when each unit back home croaks.
-->'''Narration:''' Even as she struggled to comprehend, this brand new part of her mind calmly told her the score. The Garrison had seven Goodminton units left. Four.\\
"[[LittleNo No]]", she said.\\