Tear Jerker / 11/22/63

  • The First Lady calls Epping to thank him for saving President Kennedy. Not just for herself, but for his children.
  • Jake's first time travel attempt allows him to save all but one of the Dunning children. When he returns and calls the now living Dunning sister, she recognizes him as their savior, but then screams at him for not saving Harry from getting killed in Vietnam. Jake can only drop the phone in despair.
  • Sadie's death.
    • Jake making the decision to reset time again, making it so that he never met Sadie in her lifetime.
  • Perhaps the one good thing caused by Jake's time-travel antics: he managed to save Harry's family from the murderous rampage of his father. By resetting the timeline for good, he dooms them to die, their death witnessed by the young Harry, all over again.
  • Harry Dunning's earnest, poorly-spelled essay about the murder of his family. In-universe it causes Jake, who rarely cries, to break down sobbing.
  • In the tv-series, Bill's mental breakdown due to the shock therapies he received in the asylum, and eventual suicide just when Jake tries to get him out