Tear Jerker / Ed, Edd n Eddy


  • A few disturbing implications about the Kanker Sisters and their views on romance are raised in their debut episode.
    • To be more precise, they have three robes with male names attached in their mother's trailer, implying there are three fathers and that they are half-sisters. Throughout the episode, the Kankers do their best to look after the Eds, only to be exploited for food and entertainment. When the Kankers get upset about this, the Eds are unsympathetic and opt to leave, only for the Kankers to demand child support for their "children"note . The Eds run away in fear, and the Kankers swoon as they retreat, remarking that they run away "just like a real man".
  • "Momma's Little Ed". Eddy throws Edd out of his room, but Ed's Puppy-Dog Eyes make Eddy change his mind.
  • Everyone saying goodbye to Jib in "Who Let the Ed In?".
  • Rolf tearfully longing to go back to his old country in "Wish You Were Ed".
    Rolf: I grow tired of this-this cold cement, this-this twisted steel of industry, this confusing leisure delights, and your ill-at-ease customs! Rolf sweats himself to understand your "modern go-go" world, but he yearns the simple life... the life once had in the old country *he pulls out a locket and looks at a picture of himself in his home country*
    Edd: Are you all right, Rolf?
    Rolf: My heart! My heart! It's broken... Rolf longs for the old village *Rolf walks away with Wilfred while covering his eyes*
    Eddy: Geez, talk about killin' a mood.
    Edd: Rolf's frustrated, Eddy. How difficult it must be to adapt to a new way of life. To put aside handed down beliefs, and be pulled between two cultures.
    • This is even sadder if you recall that Rolf is heavily based on series creator Antonucci himself, being the son of first-generation Italian immigrants, who had to learn to adapt to a whole new country and culture as a child.
  • Eddy walking cold and alone in the Christmas Special, which leads to a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming as he walks up to a Christmas tree, notices a shorted-out light and replaces it with a light he's been holding the whole episode, which causes the tree to shine like never before.
    • "All I want is a good Christmas."
  • May Kanker sobbing by herself in the closet because Ed was terrified and disgusted by her and her Valentine's card, despite normally being the unflappable Ditz.
    • Her sisters teasing her about the card she wanted to give to Ed, too.
  • "A Fistful of Ed". Edd being sad because everyone believes him to be a bully. There's also the scene where Ed tells him that they can't be friends anymore and they both start crying. You even see Ed's heart literally break in that scene.
    • The scene where Edd cries to himself alone in the science room. And after that, the scene where Jimmy witnesses Edd nurse a flower and makes it bloom, proving to him that he's not the monster he's being made out to be.
  • "Take This Ed and Shove It" Had a bit of a depressing one where the Old Eddy starts breaking down after realizing he really is old and will never be a kid again, beating himself senseless with a Cane and then supposedly waking up as a kid and had only passed out when they were trying to get the jawbreakers, only to wake up again as an old man again and coming to terms that they are all old and he was only reliving his memories in his sleep. And this was going to be the original ending to the series before it came back.
  • "A Case of Ed". The scene where Edd is giving away his stuff because he thought he was dying.
    • Heck the whole episode was sad, the nicest character on the show thought he was DYING. The fact that he trusted his friends only to find out they were joking is just insulting.
  • In "For Your Ed Only", when Sarah tearfully said, "I want my diary!" anybody would be upset over losing something so personal.
  • It's very upsetting when Jimmy's belief in fairy tales and magical creatures gets crushed in "Tinker Ed". There's a particularly heart-wrenching scene where Jimmy, in denial, tearfully reads a picture book about fairy tales in his front yard, constantly telling himself that they do exist.
  • There's an episode where the Eds introduce Jimmy to a happy park called "Smileyville" (they even produce a map for him) in order to cheer him up. It apparently works, and Jimmy happily enters through the Smileyville gates, excited to take part in all the fun things the park has to offer (such as a teddy bear picnic). Upon entering, however, he discovers that Smileyville is no more than a dirty, disgusting alley. Fortunately, Rolf steps in to console the crying Jimmy and get back at Eddy for crushing his hopes.
  • The episode "Pick An Ed" gets rather depressing concerning Eddy. He disguises himself as a new student named "Carl" in order to find out which of the other kids wrote something nasty about him on a wall. The other kids end up really liking this new persona though, and for the first time in his life, Eddy actually feels accepted. He enjoys it so much that he decides to stay as Carl forever. This becomes even sadder in hindsight after the movie, where we find out that he secretly hates himself.
    • There's one moment that's particularly sad. When Kevin first meets "Carl," he raises his hand up to him for a friendly fist-bump. Eddy immediately flinches.
  • The other kids psychologically torturing Eddy into having a straight up panic attack in "Smile for the Ed".
  • Considering what little we know about the Eds' home lives, all three of them seem to suffer in some way. Ed probably has it the worst, since Sarah is constantly threatening to tell their mother on him (and it's implied that she often gets her way), and his dad seems apathetic to the whole thing at best ("AND DAD WILL JUST SIT THERE AND WATCH TV!"). Edd's parents communicate with their son through sticky notes, which could indicate that they're not at home much. And then there's Eddy's home situation especially with his brother. If his parents' off-screen appearances are anything to go by, they're overly strict at best and outright abusive at worst.
  • This fanmade comic, which depicts Eddy tearfully saying goodbye to his buddies before moving out of the cul-de-sac. It's bad enough to see the lovable trio part ways like that, but it really hits hard for people who actually had to go through this with their friends.
  • "See No Ed" is A Day in the Limelight for the other kids when the Eds are mysteriously absent. At first they are overjoyed by them being seemingly gone, but then this elevates to suspicion and later even concern. The kids actually start to feel bad for the Eds, regretting this supposed dream outcome. Some of them even acknowledge how vindictive and bitter they become around them, but they're just that infuriating an element of their life (Jimmy admits woefully that he spent every birthday wish essentially wishing in desperation that they would go away forever).
  • "Dueling Eds": Rolf's reaction to seeing Eddy destroy the Sea Cucumber that he had brought out as a way of celebrating his great Nano's voyage across the sea. To add insult to injury, Eddy's only reaction is to call it a "stupid fishball."
  • Edd having a Heroic B.S.O.D. in "Too Smart for His Own Ed" when he loses the Spelling Bee to Ed. It doesn't help that the kids treat him as if he's dumber than Ed. He gets better when he acts like a good friend by congratulating Ed for his victory, rather than being bitter. The episode also turns into a Bittersweet Ending for Edd, as he doesn't share the blame with Eddy for his scam gone awry.
  • The way Ed is treated by his family and Sarah come off as this.

Paul Boyd's fate is the biggest Tear Jerker in real life for Ed, Edd n' Eddy fans. Boyd was the show's opening sequence animator. Paul Boyd died towards the end of the show's run.
  • "Look Before You Ed" is dedicated to Paul Boyd, who tragically died in Vancouver, Canada on August 13, 2007 when he was shot by a police officer. Since Boyd was unarmed, many fans of the show expressed anger at the cop who killed Boyd and protested on social media platforms including the comment sections of video footage of Paul Boyd's last minutes that the cop deserved charges for manslaughter.

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