Tear Jerker: EastEnders

  • Ronnie Mitchell finally finding out Danielle was her daughter and the climax of it. Dear God.)
  • Frank Butcher's funeral. Made even more poignant as the actor who played him, the lovable Mike Reid, had died. It's not just the characters crying there, it's the entire cast themselves. "Take care of yourself, Pat."
  • Billie Jackson's death. No big build up, just a party gone too far and a guy drinking himself to death. However, the episode dealing with the immediate aftermath was crushing; there were only about three lines of dialogue in the last 10 minutes as the characters tried to deal with the shock, and the tone was shockingly downbeat, even for EastEnders.
  • Ronnie again, finding the corpse of her newborn son.
  • Sharon sitting by the open grave of her husband Dennis, completely breaking down with grief.
    Sharon: He won't like it here. It's so lonely. He doesn't like being on his own. He says he's not bothered, but it's all a front, cos he hates it. It makes him unhappy. He likes being with me... I met him at a funeral. The first place I ever saw him was in a graveyard... And he was all on his own... my darling...
  • The deaths of Bradley Branning and Wellard hit hard, seeing as their circumstances aren't really ordinary compared to many other deaths in the show.
  • When Phil discovers that Ben has accidentally killed Heather. Ben's immediate reaction is point out that this is what Phil always wanted him to be like.
  • Ethel Skinner's Death in 2000.
  • Jamie's death.
  • The episode aired on 20/8/2012 is one big tearjerker for Jay.
  • When Kat tells Alfie she's been having a three month affair with another man, Alfie breaks down into tears, almost hits her when she won't tell him the other man's name and then violently throws her out, while still crying like a school boy.
  • When Lola has her baby taken from her by Social Services.
  • The day after Derek's death, we learn that he had arrange to meet up with his father, who is still recovering from his stroke. Having got dressed up for a day out with his eldest son, Jim called the Branning house when Derek didn't show up in time. One can only imagine the look of utter sadness on Jim's face when he was informed of Derek's spoiler:passing.
  • Zoe calling Kat 'Mum' for the first time when they said their goodbyes just before Zoe caught her train out of the series.
  • The storyline of Ronnie Mitchell finding out that Danielle was her daughter that she gave away. The climax of it was utterly tragic beyond belief
  • The episode where Ethel died, especially her final scenes with Dot... a heart-rending story fantastically and sensitively acted. Also Mark Fowler's departure.
  • The episode where Dot was by herself.
  • The Live Episode where Bradley Branning falls from the roof of the Queen Vic when the police are chasing him as he calls for Stacey to run. Stacey cries his name and then silence follows before Max is finally able to reach his son's side and find a small pool of blood coming from his head.
  • The entire episode where the Beale family learns of Lucy's death. First there is Ian who can clings to even the shred of hope that it's all just a nightmare until he sees her dead body, then there his the informing of Cindy and Bobby which is done out of view with cries in audible. The most heartrending however is when Peter finds out about her, both he and his father sobbing in each other's arms along with Peter screaming was harrowing beyond words.
  • Jay telling Dexter that he shouldn't try and re-form a relationship with his estranged father because he'll only leave again and break your heart becomes this when you realize that Jay was reunited with his father only for him to be violently murdered a year later leaving Jay an orphan.
  • Abi, after heavily drinking, and being dumbed by Jay, accidently runs over and kills her dog, Tramp, while trying to leave for Univesity when her dad refuses to up-and-take her until she sobers up.