Tear Jerker / DRAMAtical Murder


  • The bad endings. Though some of them can also enter the terrifying category.
    • In Ren's bad ending, there's the explanation behind the literal blue screen of death that appears when you make the wrong choices in his route. It's equally sad and alarming.
    • There also the expansion of Ren's bad ending in RE:Connect. It's painful to see his internal conflict born from having romantic feelings for Aoba, how he is supposed to fulfill his role as the mediator between Aoba's split personalities, and the fact that he's but a fragment of Aoba's consciousness, which would, by society's standards, label his feelings as immoral and wrong. Said conflict is eventually what drives him completely insane.
      Ren: All I could do would be to quietly watch Aoba inside here, while holding these suffocating feelings for him. I'd have no choice but to watch him... fall in love with someone else.
    • Everything in Clear's bad ending in RE:Connect is this, but the topper is the very final scene. While preparing Aoba for surgery, he suddenly sheds tears, but wonders why. Aoba notices and weakly asks if he is alright, and Clear tells him the latter that he is — but then says this, his voice slowly breaking and sounding more and more pained with each word.
      Clear: That's odd... Why am I crying? Hey, Aoba-san...
  • All the main characters' backstories.
  • In Noiz's route, he becomes brainwashed and Aoba has to use Scrap on him. While we're in his head, we overhear his parents talking — with the father saying that it would have been a blessing if he had never been born, and they both admit that they aren't planning to let him out of his room. Keep in mind, this was all within earshot of Noiz as a child.
  • When Noiz is describing his backstory, there's some of this, along with some heartwarming. Possibly his saddest line is when he's nonchalantly talking about his childhood locked in his room: "At first, I was so lonely that I cried." Seeing as all we've seen of him has been him being stoic, this puts everything else into perspective... and makes it all heartbreaking.
  • Sei's death.
  • Clear's Disney Death, which also includes his and Aoba's sex scene, which is absolutely heartbreaking. And this is the good ending!
  • The simple fact that whether you take his route or not, Koujaku has always been in love with Aoba. Therefore if you don't take his route, his feelings will never be returned. This can also apply for Ren, if he regains his memories of who he really is in the other routes.
  • Ren's when he spends the entire time trying to hide his glitch to avoid causing more trouble for Aoba. Aoba basically has to tell him he isn't replaceable.
  • In RE:Connect, after Aoba confronts Mink on whether he will see him again, the latter simply tells him to do as he pleases. For the next three weeks, Aoba stayed in his home, doing everything to get Mink's attention, but always ends up being treated as if he isn't there. By each day, he grows wearier to the point that he nearly gives up. The emotional stress this puts on Aoba is quite sad to see.
  • In the first volume of drama CD, Koujaku describing his parents and how much of a bastard his father has been at his mother's grave and later breaking down into tears in Aoba's arms.
  • The third volume of the drama CD shows Mink taking Aoba to his now-destroyed home, and as he describes it to Aoba, he briefly mutters how nostalgic it feels. Hate him or love him, it's clear that he clearly misses his family and friends, which is why he's still unable to move past his grief over their deaths.