Tear Jerker / Dragons

For a children's series, there's a surprising amount:
  • When we find out that Conker is terminally ill. It's a real kick to the teeth when he dies unexpectedly a couple of scenes later.
    • Lucy's reaction is sadder still.
  • The whole story of Liz and Arthur.
    • And finding out that Arthur tried to drown himself after seeing Liz nursing what he presumed was the product of cheating in his absence.
    • AND he was going to propose to her that night as well. It really triggers the waterworks when we find out that Liz kept the ring he dropped.
  • David's death.
  • Gwilanna and Gwendolen's relationship. The crone took away any freedom the girl had and the saddest part is that this is her attempt at love.
  • When Henry Bacon dies. AND when he dies again in a parallel universe.