Tear Jerker / Dragon Ball Super

"Gohan... I couldn't protect the world."
Despite it being a more lighthearted series, than its predecessor, Dragon Ball Super has plenty of emotional and tearjerking moments.

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    Battle of Gods Saga 

    Resurrection F Saga 
  • After getting injured by Goku unintentionally, Krillin has 18 tend to his wounds. He then laments about how huge the gap between him and Goku had gotten over the years. For anybody who watched the original series, it's hard to hear this since there was a time on which Goku and Krillin were more or less in the same level. Watching as Goku gets strong enough to fight gods while Krillin's best efforts can't make much of a difference is harsh.
    • Even sadder is that Krillin's lament acknowledges the Can't Catch Up scenario of the Z-Fighters. Most of them acted as The Rival for Goku at one point in the original series before Goku ended up fighting more powerful enemies and becoming far stronger since he's a Saiyan. Furthermore, while Krillin had already retired from fighting since the Cell Games, this must have been the first time that he acknowledged his weakness in the series.
    • On a similar note, this scene also give us a brief hint of how Yamcha and Chiaotzu must have felt when they quit fighting after the Cell Games, since he too is now forced into the sidelines and rarely gets to help in protecting Earth since the role went to the Saiyans like Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan.
  • Piccolo has made a Heroic Sacrifice to save Gohan after Frieza's gruesome torture.
    • Worse, Gohan had to watch his friend, mentor, and father figure die while protecting him again. Gohan has an epic It's All My Fault speech before he rapidly raises his energy, not caring if he dies in the process, so his father and Vegeta can make their way to Earth.
    • Goku softly telling Piccolo that they will bring him back.
    • Dende crying over Piccolo's body, begging Goku and Vegeta to pay Frieza back. Given that Frieza is the same monster who nearly wiped out his entire race and destroyed his original home planet, he most likely takes Piccolo's death very personally.
      • Even worse is that Piccolo fused with Nail, who Dende really looked up to as a big brother. He might be crying over him too...
  • Frieza's destruction of the Earth is even more crushing, as this version bothers to show the families of Bulma, Goku, Gohan, and Krillin in the final seconds before their destruction. All of them quickly hit the Despair Event Horizon.
  • While he did become an evil asshole like Frieza, everything that happened to Tagoma after Frieza's resurrection was tragic; first he's critically injured by the guy he helped revive just for suggesting that he forget about the Saiyans. After that, he is forcefully made Frieza's unwilling "sparring partner" (living punching bag) for his training. Every day, for four months straight, he was tortured to the brink of death, placed in the new instant healing tank, brought back to full health, and then tortured to near death again, rinse, repeat. The horrible experience twisted the once Noble Demon who cared about his commander and allies, and who was willing to spare those that had angered him and his commander, into a maniac who no longer showed any mercy to anyone, cared nothing for his allies, and who was now cruel and sadistic. Just as things were finally going his way, and he was going to be made Frieza's new commander and be given a number of planets to rule, he had his body stolen. Now, he must spend the rest of his life trapped in a frog's body.

    Champa Saga 
  • The revelation that Sixth Universe's Earth was destroyed in a war and that humanity is extinct there. Fortunately subverted, as Beerus uses his won wish to restore the Earth.
  • While Champa and Beerus' bickering may be somewhat amusing, it's still sad to see two twins fighting like that.
  • It's hard not to feel a little bad for Frost when Goku is beating him around, especially since Frost wants to win the tournament to end all conflict in his universe. Subverted that Frost is actually as bad as Frieza.
  • The Reveal that Frost was just as evil as Frieza counts as one in and on itself, as many people both In-Universe and in the fanbase had taken a liking to him because he seemed to be such a Nice Guy.
  • After losing his match to Vegeta, Magetta is seen softly sobbing over on the Universe 6 side, clearly reacting badly to Vegeta's insult moments before his ringout.
  • Champa's anger at his own team for losing and "dragging his name through the mud". True to his petty nature, he was willing to wipe out his team for it. With the exception of Frost, the audience grew to like all the characters of Universe 6 and seeing all of them sweat nervously and about to be killed at the hands of a petty god makes the scene hard to watch. Most likely, all the fighters of Universe 6 simply wanted to go back home after the tournament but can't even do that. And other powerful figures (Beerus, Whis, and Vados) does nothing to stop him. Thank goodness for the arrival of Omni-King.

    Potaufeu Arc 
  • King Kai tells Goku that his reckless way of fighting shown against Hit at the tournament could impair his coordination and ability to become stronger, which nearly shatters Goku's feelings. Complete with appropriate sad music playing in the background.
    • Beyond even this, just the sense alone that after years upon years of pursuing the most dangerous means of pushing his body beyond healthy limits to achieve greater heights, even with reasonable resting periods, all of this body-breaking labor is finally beginning to take its toll on Goku.
    • When Goku is playing with Pan, although he's annoyed that he can't train at the moment, he's more upset that he can't take Pan up to see the stars.
      • It's coming to the realization that Goku is not the little boy we saw in Dragon Ball anymore or the young man we saw in Z. By now, he's in his mid 40s and it's very possible for age is starting to take its toll on his body, particularly considering the amount of strain he always puts himself through during all his battles and adventures. Sure Senzu Beans and healing tanks can recover your wounds but not how your body gradually goes as you go up in age. Goku is getting older, so is Vegeta, and this is especially true for Krillin and the others like Bulma and Yamcha; there's a reminder that there may come when he can't fight and protect his friends and Earth due to his body no longer being able to handle it.
  • When Pan goes missing, unwittingly abducted by the Pilaf Gang, Goku forlornly looks upwards and reaches towards the sky - much as Pan did the night before where Goku apologized to her that he couldn't fly her up to the stars she was reaching for - before screaming her name in frustrated desperation. It's the first time in a long, long while that we've seen Goku truly feel helpless, considering that his temporary loss of ki control made things so he couldn't even fly to look for his only grandchild.

    Future Trunks Saga 
  • The segment at the end of Episode 46 and the episode preview for Episode 47 just shows you how dark and heart-wrenching the saga is going to be. After the world was thought to be in peace after Future Trunks killed Imperfect Cell and the Androids, we see him running in panic from a shadowy threat (possibly Goku Black). Even the music is different ... instead of the upbeat one we usually get, we get a tragic one that really drives the point home. Future Trunks is even shown crying at one point, and Future Bulma is nowhere to be seen in any promotional material for the saga ...
    • We also see who's presumed to be Future Mai during it, judging how she's just by herself, its heavily implying that in this timeline Pilaf and Shu are dead and she's the only one left. Considering how the three were always together throughout Dragon Ball, that's rather sad to see.
  • Episode 47 is just as tragic as expected. Black Goku kills Future Bulma right in front of Future Trunks, if obscured by shadows, and shoots Future Mai with a Ki blast... and he doesn't even know she barely survived that.
    • To make it worse for Future Trunks, the person destroying his world and killing his precious few remaining love ones looks exactly like Goku all way down to his actual voice. The person he traveled back in time to save, fight alongside, and even gave his life to protect his world, is now the face of the person killing everyone.
    • As bad as that is for Trunks, it has to be far worse for Future Bulma. Goku and her were extremely close, with Bulma being Goku's first friend since his grandfather died. The Goku of this time is long dead, taken away by a heart virus, and thus couldn't save them when the androids attacked. Bulma built the time machine not only to warn the others in the past about the androids, but also to give Goku the medicine to the virus that will eventually kill him. Although present Goku still dies, he died on his terms. Now, after all these years, when sees her childhood friend alive again, he's a mass-murderer who ends up destroying the world even worse than the androids. It is also the final face she sees as Black Goku kills her.
    • The people of Earth got it just as bad. Keep in mind, these are the same people who survived the androids. They all experienced the terror of being hunted and reduced to playthings by two cyborg punks and managed to survive. Now, just when they are finally moving on from that nightmare and rebuilding their broken world, this horrendous bastard comes out of nowhere and destroys it all, and unlike the androids, he doesn't screw around with it. While the androids were terrible, they kept humanity alive for almost twenty-years since killing humans was a game to them. Humans were allowed to somewhat live since the humans still went to amusement parks, shop, eat decently, and got the news. Even Cell kept himself on the down low since he was eating people to build power. Black Goku doesn't just let his presence be known, he patrols the skies looking for people to kill and rain destruction on cities. Those who do survive can barely find food, and are reduced to eating cat and dog food. The people of Earth survived one nightmare and was plunged into an even worse nightmare. To add even more bitterness, when Goku Black attacked the Earth, we see a city still under repair from the android attack.
  • Something must be said if Future Trunks's first thing to do upon waking up in the present timeline is try to beat the living shit out of Goku. Trunks must've been so traumatized by Black that his mind can't even tell the difference between Goku and Black (and it doesn't help that last Future Trunks knew, the real Goku was dead and didn't want to come back). He's immediately haunted by the events of Black killing Future Bulma and Future Mai, and everyone (even Beerus and Whis) watched in horror. What makes this sadder is that Goku was initially the first person that Future Trunks befriended ... and even when he was looking for allies (when escaping from Black), he remembered Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta.
  • Future Trunks crying when he sees present time Bulma. He literally falls to his knees and is close to tears. After seeing his mother murdered by Black Goku, you can understand why he reacts like this. He also feels pain when he sees present time Mai for similar reasons.
  • Episode 50 continues to lay the hurt on poor Trunks. After his time machine is destroyed, Trunks looks so miserable and whispers that he's failed everyone in his time.
  • Episode 51 also lays into us the revelation that Vegeta also took Future Bulma's death hard. And he is angry, despite what his poker face displays. It's to the point that he intends to seek out and kill Goku Black in retribution for his inexcusable crime.
  • Episode 52. After meeting Gohan's family, and seeing how happy they are, Trunks lets himself imagine what his life might have been like had Black not come into the picture: a peaceful life with his mother and Mai. It's enough to bring him to tears, since as far as he knows, it's no longer possible in his timeline.
  • Episode 57 has Future Mai sending Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks, who are all injured, back to the present timeline with the time machine. Before they depart, Future Trunks gets very worked up as of why Mai is not leaving with them. He does not want to leave her a second time, especially in the hell that is the future timeline.
  • Episode 58 gives us the absolutely crestfallen expressions of the Resistance members once news spreads that their greatest hope to defeat Black, Trunks and his companions, were defeated handily, could be hard to bear. Doubly so when even Mai's impassioned Rousing Speech doesn't seem to work on them anymore.
  • Episode 59 gives us Gowasu's betrayed and hurt expression when Whis and the gang expose Zamasu's attempt to murder him for his Time Ring. The elder Kai genuinely believed that Zamasu had changed his stance on mortals and went back to the non-interventionalist ways of the Kai. It only gets worse when Goku tells Zamasu of all the horrible things his future counterpart has done and Zamasu displays no remorse whatsoever, actually expressing pride in the fact that his genocidal dreams have come to fruition.
    • In a very weird way, Zamasu's subsequent demise at Beerus' hands can also be seen as this. Yes, he was a psychopathic xenophobe and wholeheartedly deserved his fate, but he was still a prodigy Kai who would soon be Gowasu's successor as the Supreme Kai of Universe 10. Had he learned to overcome his hatred of mortals, he probably would have been a great Supreme Kai. It's such a shame to see such potential wasted. The scene is made all the more tragic by the fact that even Gowasu expresses sorrow over his death despite everything Zamasu had done.
  • Episode 60 reveals Goku Black's true origin. He is essentially a Zamasu from another timeline who ultimately resorts to killing Goku after switching bodies. The gravity of this doesn't truly hit until you realize.... there's ANOTHER timeline where Goku died... but unlike where he went out peacefully like with the Heart virus, here, he got viciously obliterated and got to die knowing that this monster is going to kill everyone he knows and loves while wearing his skin.
  • Confirmed in Episode 61. When Black and Zamasu cornered Goku, Black taunts him that after switching bodies, he immediately went to kill Goku in his original body then went to kill Chi-Chi and Goten. Goku was so pissed from the fact that Zamasu had stolen his body and killed them with said body he briefly went berserk, but that wasn't enough to avenge them. It's sadder when we remember the last time he went this berserk, it really didn't do anything.
    • Trunks on the other hand, refused to go down and went to his Rage Breaking Point because Black and Zamasu told him because of his time-traveling that everything was his fault. He got so pissed that he transformed into a new form of Super Saiyan where his aura bares gold and blue colors all while obtaining pure white eyes.
    • The final moments of the alternate Chichi and Goten was a horrific sight of someone using Goku's body to murder him in cold blood. When Chichi tries to get her son away from Zamasu, we get an obscured scene of Chichi and Goten screaming as Zamsu murders them as well.
  • Also in Episode 61, Future Zamasu's reaction to Goku Black killing Gowasu. Sure, Zamasu wanted to eventually kill him, but he looked devastated when he sees his master slain under himself. He might have had his own agenda, but Zamasu did seem to care about Gowasu to an extent.
  • Episode 63. Gowasu seeing Future Zamasu and Goku Black, the extent of his student's evil sinking into him for the first time. He outright collapses when the duo tell him that they have destroyed the Super Dragon Balls, throwing away any chance of redemption in the process.
  • Episode 64. Future Zamasu grabs Bulma by the neck, causing Trunks to mentally relive the moment of his own mother's death. Though it becomes a Crowning Moment of Awesome when Trunks uses the Mafuba in a rage.
  • Episode 65. It's a subtle thing, but the episode reveals that Kame House survives in the future, and its sole remaining inhabitant is Turtle. While this may seem like a heartwaming fact, you now realize that of the original cast of Dragon Ball, Turtle, Yajirobe, and Android 8 are the only survivors in this timeline. On top of that, Turtle had to live alone without the presence of Master Roshi, his best friend.
    • Speaking of future Android 8, the fact that he's by himself implies that poor Snow is likely dead. Though whether she died because of the androids or Black is unknown.
  • Episode 66 brings Zamasu's descent into madness and all-consuming self-righteousness to a head with his own arrogance coming back to bite him and reducing him to exactly what he sought to destroy: a barbaric savage concerned only with destruction. This isn't too bad since he had it all coming, but one brief image adds another aspect to Zamasu's downfall that hasn't ever been seen in any major Dragon Ball villain: he reflects on everything he's had to do to get this far, and starts to cry tears of dismay. In spite of how elated he was to have achieved almighty power and come to the cusp of winning, Zamasu actually takes a moment to visibly show regret for everything he's done, showing that he actually does acknowledge that what he's doing is evil, even if he wouldn't dare stop. In contrast to the slew of shamelessly evil villains that Dragon Ball has had up until now, Zamasu is a Knight Templar whose own morals have reduced him to a monster. And he knows it. And he doesn't like it.
  • Episode 67. We have in our hands the first Pyrrhic Victory for the heroes. In the end, even though it cost him his very sentience and existence, Zamasu won, and there are no more mortals, and through Future Zen-o's intervention, no more Earth, or Universe, or future timeline. Future Trunks has truly lost everything. The only thing that makes it a Bittersweet Ending is that Zamasu is stopped from infecting the present, and possibly other, timelines.
    • This is made worse if you remember Future Android 8, and his village were also destroyed. People were happy to see them alive... and now they are dead. Gone.
    • Even worse. Remember, afterlife in this franchise is physical. So, it was also destroyed. Future Trunks and Mai won't see their friends and loved ones again, even after death.
    • Future Mai's cries of anguish upon learning that everyone she and Trunks had fought to protect from Black's rampage are dead, rendering all their efforts to save what was left of their world for naught.
    • By the end of the episode, as Future Trunks and Future Mai travel to a better future, Trunks catches a glance of Gohan, who arrived to see him off. Trunks then bursts into tears, remembering his timeline's Gohan, and he can't help but to beat himself up over the thought that he failed to protect the world his mentor left behind.
  • Gowasu lamenting how everything turned out in Episode 67, seeing the new Time Ring as his sin. The poor man trained his pupil for good, but only ended destroying an entire timeline. He seriously needs a hug.

    Breather Episodes 
  • Episode 68: Gohan comes to Shenron to wish for Pan's health, as she's quite ill, and doctors've failed to cure her because of her Saiyan blood. Imagine, however unlikely, what could have happened if Pan had't gotten cured by Shenron.
  • It's sad enough that King Kai and his company are still dead; it's even sadder that absolutely no one but Goku cared about his desire to live again.
    • Thinking about it even more, it shows some extremely messed up priorities for almost the entire cast. King Kai was the one who trained Goku to beat Vegeta and Nappa during the Saiyan arc, and without his help the Earth wouldn't have survived the invasion. Not only that, but the techniques he gave Goku allowed him to effectively fight later enemies as well. All of the other wishes, excluding Gohan and 18's, were all for things that were not only selfish, but as Bulma showed fairly simple to obtain as well.
      • To be fair to the other though, King Kai's wish is just as selfish. Being alive or dead is really only a matter of pride for him considering he lives in the world of the afterlife. Not to mention that he could have had them wish him back at any point before this.
  • Episode 69: When Beerus destroys Bulma's time machine, it has the side effect of damaging and maybe even destroying Future Bulma's notes, one of the last things still remaining from Future Trunks' timeline.
  • Episode 71-72. Goku dies, though briefly, because of Hit. The faces of Gohan, Goten and Piccolo show this pretty well. It becomes a lot less sad when we learn that it was Goku himself who hired Hit to kill him, in order to fight at his maximum potential.
  • Episode 75: We see pretty much all of Krillin's insecurities and doubts about his toughness and fighting ability laid out for us. After so many years of Super Saiyan this and Goku and Vegeta that, can you blame him? In the last few minutes of the episode, he and Goku go into an Empire Strikes Back-like cave that shows us shadow hallucinations: King Piccolo, Saiyan-era Vegeta and Nappa, the Ginyu Force, Frieza, Perfect Cell, and Kid Buu. Then, a final smoke cloud rises up: Tambourine. Poor Krillin, man.
    • Earlier in the episode while stopping a heist, Krillin gets grazed by a bullet... the injury was minor and he healed quickly, but this is a series where near everybody is bullet proof. Whether his guard was down, or his durability has really gotten that low, it shows how far poor Krillin has fallen since he stopped being a martial artist. What's worse is that in the Super adaptation of the Resurrection F arc, Frieza ordered his men to kill Krillin just to be sadistic to Goku (who hadn't arrived yet) and Krillin managed to dodge all of them easily. Imagine if that wasn't the case ...
    • Then there was No. 18 and Marron questioning Krillin's strength. 18 was especially blunt, though there's subtle hints that it's because she's worried for him, rather than looking down upon things. Still, for a man who had a lot of self-doubt issues since DBZ, this had to hurt the most.
      No. 18: Look at you. The man I fell in love with wasn't such a spineless weakling.
      Marron: Huh? Is Daddy weak? I want a strong daddy...
  • Episode 76: Things start off rough for Krillin after he, in rapid succession, faces down Tambourine, Frieza and Buu and then after they dispatch the villains with a Kamehameha, Krillin tries to ditch. Goku has the audacity to call him out on this and Krillin's insecurities really rise up.
    Goku: If you don't, you can't fight if someone stronger shows up.
    Krillin: I won't fight.
    Goku: Krillin?
    Krillin: I'm...scared... I'M NOT LIKE YOU!

     Universe Survival Saga 
  • It's confirmed that when a universe is destroyed, its angel will survive. Beerus and Shin treat Whis like this is some kind of betrayal, but Champa seems almost heartbroken at how nonchalant Vados is over the deal too.
  • In episode 80 it's sad to see Beerus and the Supreme Kai go from hugging each other in glee from the previous episode to blaming each other over their universe being second-weakest.
    • And even if Universe 9 has so far been quite the assholes, you have to feel for them when they are ranked the weakest universe after learning the losers get erased!
  • Just...think for a second of how much Goku has screwed up. Because of his desire to just have one last big tournament, trillions of people are going to die. The man we grew up with and cheered on to fight the bad guys for so long is going to become the unwitting catalyst to a mass genocide of epic proportions. God knows if he's got a contingency plan up his sleeve or he (and by extension, Universe 7) is going to have to take on the fallout of this mess. Although this is Downplayed when it's revealed Zen'o was going to nuke the eight weakest universes regardless of the tournament. Goku actually gave at least one universe a chance to survive.
    • It gets worse! During episode 81, Goku is in front of a bunch of pissed off deities who had just reflected on how their respective universes are going to be obliterated due to this tournament. Even Champa, who tolerated Goku at best, is booing him. Sure, several universes get to live, but what's Goku's reaction to the other doomed universes? Nonchalance and a quote that amounts to "Better send your strongest guys here! I'm so excited!" Jesus Christ, no wonder Bergamo and Toppo were furious at him.
    • All the worse when the fact is the one they should be able to blame is Zen'o, since he's the one who decided the ultimate fate of things (well before Goku proposed the tournament idea). But since publicly defying/disgracing the Top God is apparently unforgivable (and would probably end with the accuser getting erased on the spot, along with who knows how many others associated with them), they can't even try outside of proposing different ideas/alterations to pre-existing ideas (which given everyone's fear of him, only a rare few are willing to even consider, let alone try)... and so, most can only turn to the mortal most involved with this tournament and blame everything upon him. Goku isn't free of fault in the first place, and his flippant attitude isn't helping matters, but he's still semi-unfairly become a scapegoat.
      • If you watch the same episode, you can notice that the Universe 10 was the only Universe, whose gods did not have any speaking role. After everything that happened in the Future Trunks Saga, you would expect Gowasu to vouch for Goku and Universe 7, but instead he stays silent throughout the entire Zen'o Exhibition Match, while other Universes turn against Goku and Universe 7 (despite the fact that Beerus explicitly saved his and indirectly Rumoosh's life). It's possible that Gowasu is utterly speechless (or just REALLY composed). After all, Gowasu still remembers someone else who had a callous and boastful attitude to the death of trillions of mortals, and his fellow Gods. It probably doesn't help that that someone else, or another version of him, took Goku's body, so whether he likes it or not, seeing Goku himself show similar callousness really doesn't help.
  • Bra's birth has a subtle yet palpable effect on Vegeta. Despite not making his emotions clear on the surface, you can tell that he's beating himself up over being such a neglectful if not outright abusive bastard to his wife and son (both present and future versions) in the past. It's not too much to say that he probably hates himself even now for it.
  • In Episode 84 the fact that Android 18 is the first to really notice that something is wrong with Goku and the subtle changes to his attitude before anyone else hits a little hard, she even looks scared or worried. Also the fact she has known him long enough to even notice those changes is heartwarming.
  • In Episode 85, the weight on their respective universes is certainly on everyone's shoulders (to varying degrees), but Toppo is obviously taking it hard. All he can do is muse and sigh as he thinks about Goku's super saiyan blue form and all the rest of what's going on. As leader of a group of superheroes AND knowing that failure in this tournament means the genocide of people you know and love, no wonder he's hit rock bottom inside.
  • Episode 86 ends with Android 17 refusing to join Goku's team in the Tournament of Power. After learning of what'll happen should they lose, 17 shows little reaction and is completely resigned to the ill fate of the universe being erased.
  • Episode 87: When hearing the villian has a bomb inside him and would detonate it if Goku and 17 didn't let him go, 17 attempts a Heroic Sacrifice, asking Goku to take over his job aand to give his regards to his family and 18 before tackling him out of the ship. While it ultimately lead to nothing bad happening, it shows how devoted 17 is to animals if he's that willing to leave his wife and kids behind.
  • Although its being played for humor, you gotta feel bad for Yamcha, upon hearing of the tournament he's all excited and waiting for Goku to ask him to take part in it and appears to have done some training for it. However since he's not listed or shown amongst the selected team in the intro and pictures so its a Foregone Conclusion that he's going to be left hanging.
    • Just the fact Goku would rather choose Frieza than Yamcha just make this sadder, even if the former is much more powerful.
  • Episode 91: We get to see a planet from Universe 9, plus the reactions from Mojito and Sidra. Mojito looks so disappointed to be assigned to a low level universe, while Sidra just shamefully destroys a city with his "Destruction" technique.
  • Episode 92: The fighters finally figure out the truth about the Tournament of Power and is very steamed at Goku for lying to them. Worst of all is Krillin, who is upset that his best friend didn't tell him the truth. Goku admits, though, that he was scared they'd all say "no" because he would be scared to die.
  • Episode 93: While it's a YMMV, what pushes Kale over the edge to becoming the Legendary Super Saiyan? Was it pure anger and rage ala Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, and Gohan? Was it the 'tingly sensation'? No, it's because she legitimately believed she was so pathetic, so weak, so worthless compared to the others.
    • As Cabba pointed out, it wasn't just that; jealousy definitely played a hand, because she didn't like how close Caulifla was getting to him (even in the vein of arguing with/yelling at him).
  • Episode 94: Vegeta is forced to defend Frieza's presence, after all the latter did to him and his race.
  • Episode 97: A minor one, but Lilbeu feels so disappointed about being the first fighter on her team to be taken out. She calls herself a disgrace and it doesn't help that Rumshi rubs it in her. Thankfully Gowasu encourages her to cheer on Universe 10's team.
    • From it, those who are eliminated can't help but now watch helplessly and pray that their team wins in order to save their universe and loved ones.
  • One can easily sympathize with Gowasu throughout this saga. After the whole incident with Goku Black/Zamasu, Gowasu now has to worry about the Tournament of Power, with the knowledge that he, along with his Universe, will be erased from existence if his team loses the tournament. Not helping the matters is the fact that Rummshi is lazy God of Destruction, who values raw muscle over logic, which is the reason why Universe 10 only has the fifth lowest mortal level and may also be the reason why Zamasu had negative opinions on gods, which played a major part in Zamasu's Start of Darkness. Furthermore, the fighters that Rummshi selected for the Tournament of Power mostly consist of stereotypical muscleheads and the name of the leader of said fighters can be translated as "hopeless team" in Japanese. And of course, the Universe 10 is the first universe, whose combatant has fallen off the stage.
    • And as we see in episode 90, Gowasu apparently spent the whole preparation period for the tournament unable to come up with any idea of even what sort of fighter to include in Universe 10's team because he is too afraid of ending up picking someone like Zamasu again... that's right, the whole Goku Black/Zamasu incident affected him to the point he can't even begin to come up with an idea on who could potentially help save their universe. Rumoosh had to pick the entire team for him.
  • Episode 98: The first universe to lose is Universe 9, and it's appropriately sad. They are eliminated on the spot by the Zen'os. Roh just has enough time to scream out Zeno's name in absolute fear before he and all the others are gone. Then we see their planets, galaxies, and entire universe disappear in a flash of light. There won't be any last minute bargaining or deals once someone wins the tournament. Come the last man standing or end of the match, there will be only one universe out of eight remaining.
    • Beerus who is stunned after it happens asks Whis to see what's happened and he looks and sees, nothing. Just empty space, there's nothing there at all. All the fighters, Kais and Gods can only look on in shock at what has just happened as dozens of planets and trillions of lives, gone just like that. Goku himself is stunned and it seems he now realizes what his actions and desire for battle have brought upon innocent lives.
    • Bergamo was adamant that 9 would survive and win and despite the struggles did find ten fighters and the previous episode were holding their own and getting eliminations. But in the span of one episode, the entire team is defeated. No doubt the last thoughts before he and his brothers were knocked out by The Final Kamehameha was that they failed.
    • The next episode's beginning is dedicated to the reactions around Universe 9 being erased. Sometimes, it's just acknowledgement. Others are shocked and appalled. Even FRIEZA is vexed by the behavior of the Zenos.
  • A bit of a tearjerker as well if you think about it, but outside of the "grudge" that they wanted to settle with Goku, they simply just wanted to survive. A few episodes earlier, Quitela lied to Sidra convincing him that Goku and Team Universe 7 was planning on taking out Universe 9 first. Come to the actual tournament, nobody from Universe 7 was focused on Universe 9, with Goku immediately wanting to fight Toppo and Jiren, Gohan's group focused on defending themselves, and the other members randomly attacking other fighters that they encountered. It's also why Roh and Sidra wanted to immediately take Goku out first, because they felt like without Universe 7, the rest of the tournament would be a cakewalk.
  • Sure, it's not the worst thing to happen to him in his life, but guess who's the first of Universe 7 that's knocked out? Krillin. Yep. All he can do is hope everyone picks up the slack after that's over with.
    • He's certainly reacting better than the other fighters that get knocked off the stage, whom are either utterly despondent or even crying. After all, they know full well they're about to DIE if they fail...
    • He was doing so well too, he had a role in three eliminations but dropped his guard down for one second as he celebrated thus enabling Frost to sneak up and eliminate him.
    • And then he's mocked for this by everyone, including his wife.
  • Kale's second transformation. First, Napapa and Mechiopu gang up on her and start beating her for fun, making her cry. Then, after she fails to transform and Caulifula starts fighting Goku alone, she feels utterly useless and breaks down crying. She takes Goku's request "not to bother" as if it means she's only a bother for Caulifla.
    • And in episode 101, Kale's despair at her own perceived weakness, such that Caulifla has to protect her since she can't do so herself. She even admits that she hates herself.
  • In the preview for 103, we see a glimpse of Cus, The Angel of Universe 10, showing her with a saddened and distraught look on her face as she looks on. U10 only has three fighters left in the Tournament and it's looking worse and worse for them. We know what happened with U9 when all ten got eliminated, we maybe seeing it again.
  • The erasure of Universe 10 is this.
    • "Well done, Obni". Gowasu mournfully says this, knowing that his universe was going to be erased. His last words was him congratulating Obni. And when Obni gets knocked out, there's a locket with his family shown. What's worse is that said locket gets erased with Universe 10 ... that's right, not only people and planets leave ... objects leave too, so there is absolutely no trace of that universe left.
      • If that's the case, what does this mean for the assassins from Universe 9? Chances are they no longer exist in any capacity either, despite having died in Universe 7.
    • Unlike Mojito, who was actually happy that his universe was erased, Cus is actually sad to let her universe go, with her mourning the loss of Rumsshi.
    • A bit of a fridge tearjerker for Gohan, as seeing Obni's locket made him realize that unlike every other opponent he had to fight, Obni wasn't a murderous maniac. He's not some intergalactic monster hell bent on destroying all that Gohan had loved, he is simply a man trying to protect his family. And Gohan was forced to end his life and that of his universe.
      • When we see the photo inside the locket, we see that the child is young, no older than Pan most likely. Everything will be erased without a second thought, down to the youngest child. Imagine Gohan's dire situation just like Obni's when everything, including the lives of his family, is on the line.
  • After Goku and Hit almost take Dyspo out and take Kunshi out, we see how the Tournament of Power have seriously strained and impacted Toppo's views of his "justice". We see a battered Dyspo talk about taking revenge on Hit for justice, when Toppo tells him to cut that act. It's quite sad knowing that a team of heroes now has to resort to a view of fighting for survival now, especially with the fact that of the surviving universes, they have the least warriors and are the closest to erasure. The Tournament of Power has broken Toppo, and it's only a matter of time what it'll do to other universes as well.
  • Master Roshi's near-death experience. He's already weak from using the Mafuba and his battle with Ganos is pushing his limits. He knows his time is up and he puts everything into one last Kamehameha while telling Goku and Krillin that they are now ready to pass on the Kame Style to others. He knocks Ganos out, but the attack kills him. The only thing saving him is Goku desperately using a ki blast as a Magical Defibrillator before pouring some of his ki into him, the warrior clutching onto him in panicked joy as he comes to.
  • Episode 106: The treatment of Dr.Rota is sad. He gets knocked out by Hamira and Prum before he gets to fight Gohan and Piccolo, and spends the majority of the episode unconscious. When he recovers, he goes after Prum to get his revenge, and tries to form an Enemy mine against him with Goku and Vegeta, only for Vegeta to refuse his help, tell him to shut up, and ring them both out. The poor guy never even gets the chance to fight. He twice mentions a special technique, but both times, he gets interrupted before he can say what it is. With all of the focus the other members of Team Universe 6 have gotten, and Saonel and Pirina being Namekians and likely to end up facing Piccolo later on, Rota will end up being by far the most forgettable member of Universe 6. All the other members will have their fans and be remembered, but he will just be remembered as the doctor pig guy.
  • Jimizu´s elimination, he is ringed out by Frieza after getting brutally pummeled by Frieza to near-death. The yardat was a bit arrogant, but ultimately a decent guy who just wanted his universe to survive, he didn´t deserve such a nasty beating. Fortunately, at least Jimizu is not scolded for his defeat.
  • To an extent, Frost 's erasure. Sure he was hardly a sympathetic guy, and he was extremely pragmatic while fighting others, but during the tournament itself Frost hadn't violated any rules, and he did genuinely fight for the sake of his universe. It gets a bit easier to feel some sympathy for him when one takes into account he had genuinely grown to look up to Frieza for his power, and getting betrayed and then insulted by his new idol must have been pretty harsh (although one could argue it also qualifies as A Taste of Their Own Medicine).
  • In 110, when Goku is thought to be vaporized by his own Spirit Bomb, everyone on the stands go on how Goku couldn't be possibly defeated or even dead. During this, a shot drags to show Beerus barely holding a grip, as if he not just lost a Worthy Opponent, but a friend. Even when he clashes with Goku over petty or serious matters, it shows how much Beerus cares about a mere mortal who became a god a few months back.
  • In 111, Ribrianne gets overpowered by Vegeta and has to be saved by Rozie, who takes her to safety. Ribrianne despairs and tells Rozie that she highly doubts that U2 can win. Even if she is kind of a petty jerk, you cannot avoid to feel a little sorry for her and her universe, as this really puts into perspective how the weaker universes must be feeling after witnessing how ungodly powerful Jiren is and seeing that their chances of survival are very slim. It's almost similar to Toppo's breakdown as well ...
  • After the end of Episode 112, everyone who fought for Universe 6 in the Champa Saga is now benched out ... one by Gohan, one by Jiren, one by Vegeta, and two by Frieza. The only other member to currently be benched was a Butt-Monkey fighter ... slowly but surely, this could be a death sentence for Universe 6 ... hopefully Caulifla and Kale can recover fast enough.
    • This is worse as Cabba was among the very few fighters on the Tournament to want to wish for another universe to be revived. Remember that every other fighter shown thus far (Ribrianne, Frieza, and Goku) wants it either for a selfish reason or doesn't know what to do with it.
    • It's made even worse by it being a cheap shot. Even though Frieza is almost certainly stronger than Cabba, he still made a point of facing the saiyan when he was badly beaten and almost totally out of Ki. As a result the fight is completely one sided, something Cabba didn't deserve.
  • After Kefla's defeat, Universe 6's last warriors are the Namekians Saonel and Pirina. That itself isn't the tearjerker, but it's who's fighting against them: Gohan and Piccolo. These two were also the same exact ones who fought Rubalt and Obni, the last warriors of Universe 10 as well. This effectively means that somehow, Gohan (and maybe Piccolo) will (considering that an upcoming episode outright mentions another universe being erased) could be responsible for erasing another universe, and considering Gohan's reaction to Obni's defeat ...
  • Also, after getting eliminated, while Caulifla is upset at the loss, Kale apologizes for being defeated in the verge of tears. Even after the huge strides in overcoming her confidence issues she'd taken in a very short time, and fighting bravely alongside Caulifla, and even fusing with her, still amounted to a loss. The poor girl must be feeling useless after that.
  • After Universes 2 and 6 are stated to be erased. Everyone in both universes take the loss in stride and try to cheer on their universes and friends. Beerus tries to not look at his brother, Champa before he gets erased showing that despite their sibling squabbles and all that they at least cared about each other in all seriousness but are too proud to show it.
    • After Universe 6 gets erased, Beerus looks away from the camera and says "Say something." He could either be talking to himself about how he should have said something to Champa before he was erased or berating Champa for wasting his goodbye on a silly gesture, but it's clearly somber either way.
    • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment when you can see Vados bowing to Champa as he ceases to exist. Even if she's The Gadfly, she has the decency to bow to him in respect for years of service she's spent with him.
    • Universe 6's erasure in particular may be one of the harder ones to see go as we spent quite a bit of time with them during the course of Super.
    • Even the Universe 7 warriors show their regards to the losing Universes, 17 and 18 agree that Universe 2's fighters were pretty cool in the end, and obviously Vegeta's not too happy about losing Universe 6's Saiyans, even though he knew it was inevitable.
  • Saonel and Pirina reveals that they are made up of the fusions of many Nameks, not just two as Piccolo had thought. Unlike normal fusion, Namek fusion merges the soul and one personality overrides the others, and there's no way to undo this (Nameks can split, but the resulting Nameks are not the ones that fused into it). Win or lose, these warriors are permanently lost. All to save their universe from erasure...and it wasn't enough. Not even close.
  • Piccolo fighting Pirina and Saonel. He was already somewhat uneasy knowing that he has to fight his own kin, and be indirectly responsible for their erasure, but when he hears that the U6 Namek went so far as to fuse dozens, if not hundreds, of Nameks into Saonel and Pirina just to stand a chance in the tournament, he's very noticably shaken since he can no longer deny the fact that he's going to doom his own kin. The grim face of Kami and Nail showing up as he's unconscious says it all; all three of them despise the situation they're put in, but have to do so to save their own people and friends. Even if it means dooming their alternate-universe kin.

  • Gowasu tries to talk down Goku Black, who claims that he has done too much to turn away from what he has done. When Gowasu continues to plead for him to stop his Zero Mortals Plan, Black takes his hand...and runs him through with his energy blade.
  • Trunks talking to Vegeta about Future Bulma and how much she wanted to go to the past to meet him is pretty heartbreaking, even if Vegeta was an all out bastard at the time Trunks was born. This act is so touching, it motivates Vegeta set aside his pride and fuse with Goku to deal with Merged Zamasu.
    Trunks: I can't afford to lose my father and the rest you here. It's for my mother's sake as well.
    Vegeta: ...! For Bulma you mean?
    Trunks: Yes... Losing you early in this world, mother seemed lonely and missed you very much while she had to raise me on her own. Ever since I met you in the past she never stopped asking me about how you were. To tell you the truth, she was going to travel with me to the past if she wasn't killed by Goku Black. Mother was more eager to see you back in time rather than to escape Goku Black, I think.
    Vegeta: ...Bulma.
    Trunks: I don't want her to be sad anymore. Never again! For my mother in the past, who is waiting for you to come home—I can't let you die here!
  • Gowasu is clearly remorseful for the whole incident with Zamasu to the point that he apologized to his God of Destruction for it, not helping is how Rumsshi reacts to it. He basically shows No Sympathy towards to old Kai and berates him for not only the whole Zamasu incident but also the fact that he has to rely Beerus to resolve it. Heck he even threatened to stomp Gowasu to death if the meeting with the Grand Priest actually involves what Zamasu had done.
  • In an extra picture found in the fourth volume of the manga, we actually see how Gowasu asked Zamasu to join him as his apprentice back when Zamasu was just the Kai of his quadrant, akin to King Kai. Just look at it, Zamasu was so young and was looking for peace, is pretty tragic and shocking to see how he was before all the events in the Future Trunks saga happened. The most interesting is Zamasu's pet. Like King Kai, he also had his own "Bubbles".

  • Chris Ayres having to step down part way through the Resurrection F saga due to end stage Emphysema necessitating a double lung transplant. Especially given it negates a planned meta-Heartwarming moment with Frieza interacting with Frost, voiced by Chris's brother Greg.
  • On the Japanese side, Hiromi Tsuru, the voice of Bulma, passed away in November 15, 2017 due to aortic dissection. She was only 57 years old. May her soul rest in peace.
    • Her last lines in Super? "We're counting on you, everyone." It's as if she was not only saying to U7 team, but the fans, too.