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Tear Jerker: Disney World Of War
  • Penny's death. This event caused the site to go through days of mourning for her and there was a swell of Penny-related artwork and depictions of scenes of the mourning pups when her body was brought back to camp.
  • The deaths in Captured Kids of War nearly all of them caused heartache.
    • Scamp, Geno and The Great Prince's deaths most of all.
  • Sabor's death for Shere Khan. He can barely function afterwards.
  • Rebecca and Lucky's deaths. This is widely considered to be one of the most emotional and touching threads the site has ever seen.
  • Mauko's death. Nuka and Dotty were both devestated by the loss and no one on the site could have predicted how brutally the cub would die or how soon after his birth.
  • Lady's death caused a chain reaction that all but destroyed her already crumbling family.

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