Tear Jerker / Delicious

For a mere Casual Video Game, they tend to have these moments though in a few occasions.
  • Possibly for this series, the biggest contender of all is in Emily's True Love where after finding out that her past boyfriend—the one she has been searching for far and wide; the one she thought will be forever hers; the one she met in Paris: the city of love— has been cheating on her. Not just her but two other girls! One is a stranger and the other one, a florist she becomes friends with. She ends up getting down on her knees and bawling on the bottom of the Eiffel Tower. Ouch...
    • She cried near a special landmark where couples usually get together, of all places. Thinking of that will have your heart crumbling and your eyes watering.
  • Emily's Childhood Memories has this a bit especially in the ending where she decides to pass the torch to the new family and the child who has gotten accustomed to the house who at first glance, didn't like the move. The scene where she helps her catch a firefly (a special thing that Emily did with her grandfather) takes it to a level of both heartwarming and tearjerking. The Stinger with her whole family finally done with packing all of their possessions, and then Emily taking a little more time to look at the house where then she picks up a daisy from the ground, doesn't help.