Tear Jerker / Dark City

  • For all its spoileriffic qualities, the narration at the beginning of the theatrical version does elicit a twinge of sympathy for Dr. Schreber as he makes an anguished confession: "I have betrayed my own kind."
  • More sympathy for Dr. Schreber: the flashback to the badly beaten and bleeding doctor being forced to erase all memory of his origins.
  • In the director's cut: the hooker May's little girl. She saw everything that happened to her mother, and who did it, and drew a picture of it with her crayons. Emma finds her quivering in terror under the bed.
  • Inspector Burmstead's death.
  • Despite the fact that he was a serial killer and a parasitic alien, there's something really sad about Mr. Hand's final scene before John opens the door and letting the sunlight in.