Tear Jerker / Daring Do

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  • Zapapple Tock's death in Spear Of The Windigos since is the reason Daring Do "Works alone.".
  • The last scene of the last chapter of Trials of Unity, just…oh merciful Celestia, it took me three tries before I could finish it all the way through. The Do siblings and Dad are gathered around a picture of Mom and lit candles, having a much, much over-due cathartic memorial moment where they can all say good-bye as a family. The fact that the kids never got to say good-bye to their mother had been an Arc Theme throughout the books where all three of the siblings were involved, and this was their chance to finally get some closure as a family. And then Darrin started singing The Parting Glass, and soon everypony else joined in. Considering the last chapter had the siblings make up, it was a bit jarring.
  • Herpy's depression in "Disappearance" in The Wooden Mask. By the time the chapter ends, he's drinking Apple Cider, drowning his sorrows due to not being able to find any lead to finding Daring, who disappeared.
  • Lightning Kicker's funeral in Staff of Star Swirl.
    • Herpy in particular took it really hard. Lightning Kicker was one of his best friends. The moment where he tried to read his eulogy, only to break down into tears, and having Daring Do read it for him while he cries into her shoulder was very hard to read.
      • That's not the worst part. That would be when he first got the news. Dear Celestia, that's probably the most heartbreaking moment in the series. Poor Herpy.
  • In Griffon's Goblet, Professor Storm Talon, who has been an enormous hardcase throughout his first appearance, has a very rare vulnerable moment with Daring, in which Storm reveals the circumstances of his argument with Daren Do, Daring's Disappeared Dad and Storm's best friend, prior to his disappearance (this scene obviously taking place before Daren is revealed to be alive in ''Curse of the Yeti). Storm very clearly blames himself for Daren's disappearance, and is struggling to keep his composure during the scene, with Daring's attention drawn to Storm's good claw digging tightly into the side of the table. This scene has become so famous that the remake of The Karate Colt had a Shout-Out to the dialogue.
    Storm: You know the real kicker of it all, though? I don't even remember what the buck we were arguing about in the first place... I hope to Celestia it was somethin' important...
    • This makes the scene in Curse of the Yeti where Storm and Daren meet again and reconcile, in their own awkward way, all the more Heartwarming.
  • Sweeney Trot's backstory is pretty sad. At first, he was an ordinary barber named Benjamin Gaiter. Then, he was driven mad by grief at the death of his beloved wife, and eventually had his baby daughter Linnet Bird be taken away from him. The kicker? Hoovett knew where Linnet was the entire time. Linnet was right next door to her dad and he doesn't know until it's too late. Even Daring was horrified when she found out what Hoovett did.
    • Daring finding out that Linnet-the-innocent-townsfilly and Linnet-Sweeney's-long-lost-daughter are the same pony is pretty heartbreaking.
    And all of a sudden, something clicked.
    "What was her biological last name, if I may?" Daring asked, trying her best to sound casual.
    "…I…I have to go…"
  • After the confrontation with Sweeney Trot, Storm Talon reveals that despite his bravado earlier, after the death of his family he struggled with destructive thoughts too. He wonders if he would have snapped like Sweeney did if the war didn't give him an outlet to work out his anger. Daring reassures him he wouldn't take it out on others. Storm admits he'd probably have drunk himself to death instead.
  • Sweeney realizing that the filly living next door is actually his daughter. Especially since he was snippy with her in an earlier scene.
    • Following his murder of Ms. Hoovett, Sweeney sits quietly in the bakery kitchen next to the stove in which Hoovett's rapidly-cooling ashes are stored. Sweeney contemplates the fact that his daughter is alive, and if this is a sign from the heavens.
    "What if this is a second chance? I could stop. Right now. Close the bakery, the police would never know if I hid the evidence. I could tell Linnet who I am. I could start again. Do I really want this life? Do I want my old life? Do I want to be Benjamin Gaiter again? A barber, living on dreams and haircuts?…Of course not. What a silly question.
  • Swinn and Dell's argument in Cove of Candles. Despite how morally questionable they can be, it's heartwrenching to see these two sisters, who have been nigh-inseparable throughout their various appearances, get into such a fight. The two start off blaming each other for the failures of their various schemes, and ends with the two personally insulting each other before outright disowning each other... before storming off to two different areas of the hotel and crying, both clearly regretting what they had said. Of course, their reconciliation later on is positively adorable.
  • In Alicorn's Shadow: Sebastius Mareton is held at knifepoint by Derring, Daring's older sister…and Mareton simply begins talking to her. By bringing up and mocking her Daddy Issues and hidden inferiority complex, Mareton reduces Derring from cocky, headstrong adventurer, to a sobbing heap.
    Mareton: So go ahead, turn me in. Perhaps they'll even get your name right this time.
    Derring: …What are you talking about?
    Mareton: Oh, no need to pretend around me, Miss Do. I've read the papers. Some over-eager young newspony hears the latest story about one Derring Do finding the latest long-lost artifact. And after all, you and your sister's name sound so similar, it's a wonder anypony can tell you two apart.
    Derring: (all traces of smile gone) That's enough. Get moving.
    Mareton: And I can only imagine how awkward it must get when some foal asks for your autograph, then gets all sad and dejected when he realizes it's not the right Daring Do.
    Derring: I said stop it.
    Mareton: How nice of your beloved sister to repay you like that. Years of looking after your two brats of younger siblings after your father skipped out on you, and what do you have to show for it? A sister who steals your thunder by finding more hidden treasures than you ever could and getting credit for the ones you find.
    Derring: STOP IT!
    Mareton: But I honestly can't blame your father for that. What father would want to waste his time with an eldest child who can't even take the reins of her own life, no matter how much she talks about it? Little Derring Do, always wanting to be the best, to leave everypony else in the dust. Never letting on that, deep down, she's nothing but a scared little child who doesn't want to be left all alone. What a disappointment you must have been to him. And do you know why, you whining brat?
    Derring: (crying) Please…stop it…
    Mareton: It's because you aren't main character material. In the great big stage play that is your sister's life, you're nothing but a supporting character. You're a cog in the machine. A footnote in history. You're not your own pony, you're a sheep that thinks it's a wolf. And you can never change that, no matter how hard you try. No matter how many lost civilizations you find, bad guys you stop, or lives you save, you will never be anything more than "Daring Do's Sister."
    (Dropping the knife, Derring slumps to the ground, sobbing. Mareton calmly saunters past her toward the exit, flicking the hat from her head as he goes.)
  • Darrin's account of how Derring abandoned him and Daring after Daring was old enough to care for herself and her brother.
    "She didn't even say goodbye. She didn't even leave a note. She just…left. Daring and I woke up one morning, and she was gone. We…we'd thought something had happened. We thought she might be dead, for Celestia's sake! And then we see her name in the news…She wasn't dead. No, it was far worse than that. She wasn't dead, she just left us. She just wanted to get away from us. She even never called or wrote us letters. Derring didn't care what happened to us back then, and if she gives a buck what happens to us now, I'll eat my hat."
  • Daring muttering to herself in the third book that she hates going on adventures that endanger her family. Especially saddening is that this is right before her father has a battle with the yeti and gets thrown into a wall.
  • When Flitter finds her brother's body after Ahuizotl kills him in Ring of Destiny.
  • Bravado's Heroic Sacrifice in Seven-Sided Chest. And then his funeral at the end of the book.

    Expanded Universe 

  • In Amber Of The Smooze, Charity breaks down and starts crying about how only Smooze can smother the still-burning dragon flames that killed her platoon, so she can release their souls from their fiery torment, as well as confessing how guilty she felt over abandoning her watch which nearly led to her sister's death (it did lead to her sister's death, but she had Sweetie Golem built to avoid that reality). Juxtaposing how how much she wants peace for her comrades and how much she misses her sister to how utterly deluded she is.
    • Desert Rose gets arrested at one point, and Daring goes to bail her out. Not only does Desert Rose try to refuse bail, she bursts into tears, as she feels that she deserves to be in jail for lying to Daring and making Gypsy Bard's life even more complicated.
    • Sweetie Bottle not only learns about her sister's death, but that she's a golem, a supposedly unliving being.
    Sweetie Bottle: If I am just an automaton, why do I miss her? Why do I feel an empty void within myself at her passing? Does this unit have a soul?
  • At the end of Return of the Fire of Friendship, the funeral of Princess Blue Blood.
  • The latter half of Star Shimmer's flashback in The Obsidian Sentinel, starting with her reaction to Earth Song's death and subsequent downward spiral into sorrow.
    • There's also the scene earlier on when Daring first visits the castle when she overhears Star Shimmer singing to herself. It's revealed later on that the song was the one Earth Song wrote for her originally to win her affections.
    • A brief moment happens when the Sentinel mocks her about Earth Song's death. At one point, it claims that it was her fault that Earth Song died in the first place...which she agrees with.
  • Daring's reaction when she learns the secret of the Basin of Plenty.
  • We knew from Curse of the Yeti that Daring blamed herself for Zapapple Tock's death. But the part in Ballad of Chickerufus when we see Daring come back to the campsite to find what's left of her foalhood friend...
  • In Defeat of Celestia, the death of Ed Saddler.
  • Rex's final death scene in Vaults of Celestia. For all of Rex's horrible characteristics, he demonstrated a loyalty to his mistress that would make the Elements proud.
  • The death of Whitefrock and his subsequent funeral in The Skull of Ages.
  • Fuergott's backstory in Burning Heart: She was the fabled Princess who was slipped Love Poison and whose kingdom was destroyed by dragon fire as a result, thus forming the foundation for Hearts and Hooves Day. Forced into adoration of unsavory suitor she did not love, neither were able to perform their royal duties and defend the kingdom when a dragon attacked and burned it to the ground. With her poisoner dead in the fire, she vowed revenge upon his bloodline, and was condemned to Tartarus for the murder of his sister. A thousand years of voluntarily standing in the boiling pitch of Tartarus's moat later, Fuergott has mastered the power of fire, and plans to destroy Equestria in flames. Upon learning that the destruction of the kingdom she ruled and loved has become the inspiration for a holiday based on love, the very thing that caused it's destruction, Fuergott loses any hope she may have had for ponykind, calling it "A holiday founded on lies and greed." In particular, attention is called to the infamous Love Poison rhyme, known to many potion-crafters, with the lines altered to reflect Fuergott's backstory.
    Take a tuft of cloud
    A bright rainbow's glow
    Stir with a Pegasus feather- fast, not slow
    Slipped to a Princess so she can't say no
  • Steam Whistle's journal. You were wondering just what could drive a harmless tinker to create a mechanical abomination of the Assembler's caliber? There's your answer.
  • When Herpy gets shot with the Hoof-Held Cannon, and seemingly dies in Tinker's Seal. Daring's reaction- multiple small, tearful No's- will draw tears out of anypony.
    • When Desert Rose verbally smacks down The Assembler for its actions, she mentions how she's had to put down animals that were too far gone to save. She becomes visibly distressed of having to talk about not only having to do a Mercy Kill toward the creatures that she loves, but also because it sickens her about how such behavior reminds her of the Colt Leader.
    • In Tinker's Seal, Tabula Rasa's reaction when she finds out that not only did Rayback go against her wishes and snuck off with Storm and Ghoul, but the excursion went right to Tartarus.
    • During the subplot in Steam Whistle's abandoned workshop, Desert Rose and Starlight find an ancient audio recording of the tinker himself. While he expresses happiness and hope that what he's doing will save Equestria from the soul-stealing demon, there's a real sense of loss to his speech, as he wonders how things came to be that he's spent so much of his life on this crusade.
    Steam Whistle: *sighs bitterly* Look at my hooves. There aren't the good and steady hooves they used to be. These are an old stallion's hooves. How did that happen?
    • Steam Whistle's diary entry on the Wandering Whistle details his reasons for making it: just to see his beloved sister's face one last time, even if it was just as a ghost. The sad part? He states that it wasn't worth it.
    "Having had that one, wonderful moment of her, that moment I've dreamed of for years…makes the fact that she's gone now all the worse. She asked me to move on, and not to resurrect her soul again. I certainly think I can do the latter."
    • Later on, during one of the interludes, Daring is seen examining the Whistle in her office at the university. She goes over exactly what it can do, and then digs around in her drawer. She comes up with a old photograph of herself and Zapapple Tock. She stares at the picture wistfully for several seconds, and then the whistle…she then slams the drawer shut and and storms out, leaving the whistle on the desk. No dialogue, no inner thoughts. Just pure emotion on Daring's part.
      • Later on, we get this:
    Storm Talon: ^&*#ing thing doesn't work.
  • Universal Cracks
    • Sweetie Bottle's subplot, as she struggles with whether she can consider herself to be "real" or not. Especially this line to Claddie and the Marksmare, who both have emotions despite being Golems.
    Sweetie Bottle: Please…teach me how to feel alive again…
    • The Colt Leader manages to steal the Wandering Whistle, and confronts the ghost of her abuser.
    Colt Leader: Why? Why did you take me away and strand me in that world and do all those things to me?
    Gas Whole: I wanted you to be strong Desert Rose.
    Colt Leader: I didn't want to be strong! I wanted to go home! And I wanted a father who cared!
    • Herpsworth, the Mirror Universe Herpy, to an extent. Mirror!Herpy is the cold, aloof, and bitterly sarcastic Dragon to Evil!Daring. Very little background is given on him, leading fans to wonder what happened to make the goofy, happy-go-lucky Herpy we know and love into this emotionless shell.
    • The Smooze Universe, the Assembler Universe, and any of the other universes where our Heroes failed.
      • Almost as bad, are the worlds where they actually did better, like Daren not getting lost when looking for the Platinum Crown, or Lightning Kicker was saved in time, leading to survivor's guilt because they have conclusive proof that yes, they could have done better.
    Normal!Herpy: You could have saved [Lightning Kicker]…
    The Do Siblings: Mom?
    • The Marksmare gets to see alt997!Claddie get torn to pieces by the Colt Leader. She immediately runs off to find the normal Claddie and hugs him, trying to convince herself he's still with them. While confused at first, he returns it when he's told what she saw.
    • Alt!Zapapple's reaction upon learning of what the Normal/Baseline version of her father became, and what he did to Rodolphus Mareton. She attempts to put on a brave face, citing that it's just an alternate version of the stallion she views as her father, which it is. However, being able to see what her father could have become clearly shakes her.
    • The horrible death of the Moonless World's version of Nightmare Moon. Celestia can only watch as her sister, injured almost beyond recognition, begs for help and forgiveness, then dies in her hooves as the moon itself is destroyed. Seeing Celestia powerless like that is jarring, to say the least, and anyone who knows the pain of losing family can imagine what she's going through.
      • Upon reading this scene, Princess Celestia herself reportedly sent a letter to the publisher which said "Please don't do that again. I don't think my heart can take it."
  • In Fires of Family, the Fire forces the Dos to share their negative feelings toward each other over the years they spent separated. Examples include:
    • Daring showing her father her nightmares of ending up a nopony, forever lost in his shadow.
    • Darrin using his feelings on Derring's leaving to motivate him in sports, often picturing his opponents as her so he'd be able to tackle/box/wrestle more effectively.
    • Derring's anger at the fact that Daring got to have a head-start on her, allowing her to enter in archaeology when she was old enough while Derring lost over a decade waiting for the others to reach the age of maturity so she could finally pursue her own dream.
    • Daren's feelings of utter helplessness and sorrow that he couldn't contact his kids in the years he spent trapped while looking for the Platinum Crown.
  • In Ruby of the Blank Village, Ruby's desperate pleas to Mitta after Mitta sold her out to Starlet and Greyhoof.
  • Even if he was an evil bastard for such a long time, you can't help but feel sorry for Greyhoof at the end of Mirror Pool.
  • Kimmy's arc in the Blood Diamonds series. First she's tortured into insanity, then when Saberplume learns that she's recovering her mind he kills her. She relapses into her delusion world before she dies.
  • Afterwards is, naturally, chock full of these. However, probably the saddest moment is for the three that didn't die.
    Claddie: Ye won't be forgotten, lass.....I'll make sure of it.
  • In Witch's Circus: even though he got a lot of work done while in a trance, Okpono was still enchanted, and only hours away from dying of old age. Daring's reaction to seeing him rapidly aged is heartbreaking.
    • Some of the townsponies died, including Herpy's oldest surviving foalhood friend.
  • An excerpt from Alicorn Amulet gives us a flashback of Princess Sparkler trying to claim her birthright. The one who helped her find the evidence in the first place betrayed her because he realized she wasn't trying to blackmail her mother, so he switched out the evidence with obviously forged documents and then framed her. Trying to extort from a member of royalty (especially with manufactured evidence) is a form of lesser treason, so Princess Sparkler was banished to a rock farm while her partner reaped the reward money for exposing a conspiracy against the royal house. The clincher is Princess Sparkler's unheeded pleas to her mother, who ignored her because this wasn't the first time somepony tried to profit off her secret shame, and this was more pathetic an attempt than usual. What's worse is that because he does have the right documents, he is in a position to blackmail her mother.
  • In Cloudfall Conspiracy, Serpentine's death. It's made abundantly clear that she's terrified of Sterling Silver, and when she tries to get out of her relationship with him... Of course, the manner in which she dies is pure, concentrated Nightmare Fuel.
    • Masra's death. Placed as the scapegoat by the School Board for the bombing of the University Offices, eventually being informed that she's being replaced, learning that this entire fiasco has been organized by someone with clear reason to hate her, and eventually bleeding to death after being wounded during Silver's siege on the university.
  • In, Daring Do and the Breathing Weapons, seeing Eichelhäher finally succumbing to the degeneration of her own mind as a result of the experimentation that gave her the ability to use unicorn magic and becoming nothing more than a snarling beast is rather heartbreaking.
    • At first, you're ready to hate Eichelhäher for willingly being an experiment of Krahe's, and then you go right back into pitying her when it's learned that she only did so because to try and fix the horrible mess that her life was, always being pushed around and exploited by others more powerful than her, and even after practically being turned into a zombie, Krahe and the others still push her around and mistreat her. The only thing she's actually guilty of in the story is helping them steal the gems from the University. Poor girl.
    • Spottdrossel and Falke are pretty tragic too. They were both discharged from the military with severe cases of PTSD that would cause them to snap and become extremely violent and hostile. Krahe managed to get them before they could receive care and molded them into the cold, killing machines they are in the story.
    • The way they both die. They both spring up on Daring, prepared to blast her to bits. Spottdrossel aims right for her head, but miraculously, Daring ducks at the last moment, causing Falke to take the fatal shot. Before Daring even realizes what happened, Spottdrossel kills himself out of guilt. It hits harder when it's later revealed that they were lovers.
    • The same goes for Eule and Henne. Despite the brainwashing Krahe has subjected them to, they still have an innate desire to help others, such as Eule healing Daring after being poisoned by Papagei and Henne taking care of a battered Arzt. Thankfully, they have a bit of a happier ending, as it's revealed in subsequent material that they are currently receiving care at a mental health facility to reverse the damage done by Krahe.
    • Even Rabe isn't free from this. It's heavily implied that he's Krahe's brother, and was openly against his ideas of experimentation and Anarchy, only to have Krahe mold his mind to turn him into his right hand griffon.
    • The reveal that Daring and Arzt's old friend, Taube, who up until that point had merely been presumed missing, has been subjected to horrible experiments for the past ten years that turned her into the so-called, "perfect weapon", at the cost of her mind and any memory she had of the pair. It really solidifies Krähe's unforgivable monster status, as if his treatment of his men wasn't enough to do so already.
    • The fact that they're forced to fight her while she's under Krahe's influence is even more so. They're trying their best to not hurt her, and begging her to remember them. The worst part? The book implies that there is still a piece of Taube that realizes what she's doing, and she's crying on the inside due to being powerless to stop it.
  • In Chemical Sister, when Eichelhaher is brought back to life, she fortunately regains her mind. But it's a slow process. When she runs into Arzt, she desperately tries to talk to him, but is too incoherent for him to understand, and has decayed too much for him to recognize her.
    Eichelhaher: Saved me! Brown pega saved me! Griffon doctor saved me!
    Arzt: Gah! What are you?! Somepony help!!!
    Eichelhaher: No! No! You good! You friend! You stop Kra...Krah...Kra—
    Arzt: (runs away) Somepony help me! Police!
    Eichelhaher: Wait! Ohh...
  • In Iron Grinder Daring plays possum in order to trick Grave, but does not tell Shudder, ergo, Shudder truly believes her to be dead, and subsequently has a heartwrenchig breakdown.
    Shudder: (shaking Daring's body) Lady, w-wake up! Wake up! Please! Th-this isn't funny!
    • It was difficult for this Troper to pick the book back up after the scene where Jackhammer takes his frustrations out on Shudder by beating her.
    • Despite Gristle being little more than a quick injection of comic relief, the implications behind a few of his lines are pretty heavy, especially after we hear his backstory.
    Gristle: Ah get to get hammered and sleep all day! It's not a bad life, ah tell ya.
  • In Crimson, Black, and Blue, the hatchlings' song seems like a childish lullaby at first. After multiple readings, you realize it's about three dragons who have spent their entire lives lost in the very forest Daring is trying to find them in. The repeated line, "we are lost, we are lost" gets more and more depressing the more you go over the song.
    We are lost, we are lost
    Which way is home? We fear we'll never know.
    We are lost, we are lost
    Out here, it may be cold, but maybe we'll grow old.
    We are lost, we are lost
    The stars show no way, we'll be here the rest of our days
    We are lost, we are lost
    At least we're still as one, though our time will never come...
    • It hits even harder when the song's real meaning learned, when it's discovered that the trio have all been cursed to be children forever, and will most likely never remember where their homeland is.
    • Black Bloom's reason for turning the dragon-trio into children in the first place. All his life, they treated him like a helpless child, even going so far as to sabotage his chance at becoming a knight for Celestia because he was "too young".
    • Despite being played for laughs, Black Bloom still fighting Daring and the dragons even after being turned back into a child, if only to prove to them that he not some helpless child, is a little disheartening.
  • Dell is devastated when the Cyberponies delete Swinn.
  • In Chemical Sister, Eule and Henne's happy ending is undone when Papagei breaks into the mental health facility where they were receiving treatment and kills them.
  • From Terror of the Headless Horse, Raudō Skurtijǭ's death at the Headless Horse's hooves in the flashback.
  • The funerals of Rodolphus Mareton and Winchester Tock in Daren Do and the Killers Above. Also, the final showdown between Daren and Winchester.
  • Early in Alicorn Amulet, Mareton is released from prison, and learns of Swinn's deal with the Cyberponies and her death. Monster though he be, he's still absolutely heartbroken.
  • During the flashback in Always Faithful, Mars is betrayed by her own army, revealing that their original intentions were to kill Celestia and overthrow Equestria. The normally stoic griffon is put an almost catatonic state of shock and hurt, her loyal comrades and best friends now destroying what she'd worked so hard to bring together.
    • Her sacrifice to stop Artes from destroying Equestria certainly qualifies. She only has time to give Celestia a salute and a smile, a sign of their eternal companionship, before she and Artes are blown away to nothing.
    • When Celestia is engraving Mars' grave/statue, she collapses into tears the moment she finishes, and we see what she inscribed: IN MEMORY OF A WARRIOR WHO SAVED EQUESTRIA. ONCE A LOYAL SOLDIER, FOREVER A DEAR FRIEND.
  • In Marks of Destiny, Lancer Boötes has Okpono's cutie mark and position—but not his head for numbers. And then in the scene where he meets up with Herpy and he's just been fired, he is absolutely crushed, without a clue to what to do with his life.
  • In Storm Bravers, the story of how the manticore, Thor, was scarred so badly. Punk Cloud had joined a prestigious pegasus training academy in hopes of improving her flight. One of the training exercises involved sicing vicious-yet-trained beasts on all the cadets. Like the admitted coward she is, Punk scrambled to get away and hid inside a pocket of clouds. Her relief was brief, as one of the beasts, a manticore, broke through the clouds to scare her. Responding instinctively, Punk attempted to punch the manticore before making a run for it. However, being a natural lightning-maker, Punk had built up a charge while covering herself in stormclouds, and when her hoof connected, the sky light up with lightning. The manticore dropped to the ground, half it's face burnt right through to the muscle, and in some spots, the bone. The guilt of learning that the monsters were trained drove her to bond with it while the staff medics attempted to heal it. After this event, Punk was so scared of what the academy would throw at her, she went awol. The manticore, now believing Punk to be it's master, broke out of the academy to follow her. Punk decided to give it a name and take it in, hoping to make up for harming it the way she did.
    • The real reason she joined the academy. Punk came from a military family. Naturally, she wanted to live up to the family name and be strong like them. She began with her appearance. She shaved her mane, got piercings, the works, and oddly enough, it was successful. But, knowing she couldn't keep up the act on appearance alone, she joined the academy, thinking all her problems could be solved with tough training. Try as she might, it was just not in her to be like the rest of her family. Too ashamed to face them again, she went awol, carving out a new life in Manehattan.
    Punk Cloud: I'd rather they think I'm dead than spineless...
    • How Lucky Eyes became mute. She had gone through life with a speech impediment and lazy eyes that led many to believe she was dumb. After an incident in which she accidentally destroyed most of her city's town hall, for which her "bad eyes" were blamed, she decided on getting corrective surgery for both. However, it would turn out to be too expensive, leaving her only option a risky spell performed by a shifty unicorn. Desperate enough to try it, she had the spell cast on her, and for a while, it worked. But the effects were only temporary, and they came at the cost of ruining her voice, leaving her completely mute. While she managed to sue the unicorn (and settle out of court for more money than she could ever imagine), she does admit to feeling very stupid for even attempting something so risky.
    Lucky Eyes: (via wing language) I guess it's true what they say; better to be silent and appear stupid, than open your mouth and remove all doubt.
    • Tremor revealing to Daring his insecurities about being the worst flyer in a group collectively known as the worst flyers in the world. It's a bit jarring seeing a muscle-bound ox of a stallion like him bury his face into her shoulder and cry.
  • In Disembodied Voices, when an irritated Daring shouts for silence the voices stop. Daring's reaction when she worries her friends are gone for good is just heartbreaking. Thankfully it's only temporary but still...
  • In Idol of Boreas, the Night Wings efforts to thwart Daring Do succeed, resulting in a Downer Ending as the Griffon Kingdom erupts into full on civil war.
    Storm Talon: Generations of strength and unity... in ashes.
  • In Unknown Country The Cute (former) Citizens of Wuvy Dovey Land explaining why they are former citizens. Their homeland was absolutely ravaged by changelings and their population decimated. Then the changelings were defeated and imprisoned...but the prison was their homeland forcing them to leave as even more land was take up by Equestrian defenses. And in the end, it didn't even work, the changelings broke out. No wonder they have trust issues.
    • And as they don't speak Equestrian all of this is done through drawings and actions, with Daring noting how the 'actors' only do one scene each, because that's all they can bear to recreate with several breaking down during or after.
  • Princess Luna's attempted Heroic Suicide in Never-Ending Nightmare, asking Daring repeatedly to kill her so that the Tantabus that's linked to her will die too. She begins stoic and dignified, but as Daring continually refuses, she starts to lose composure, and ultimately winds up on her knees, weeping uncontrollably and begging to be killed so that she won't be responsible for another catastrophe after she's already done so much evil as Nightmare Moon, and still Daring refuses, trying to convince her there's another way. The thought of such a strong, proud pony overcome by her fear and shame like this is a powerful, haunting image. Thankfully, this painful moment provides the key to saving both Equestria and Princess Luna.
  • Everything about The Wired Mare in Eternal Insomnia. Luna cursed her to never sleep again for the crime of breaking into Canterlot castle when she was just a misguided, thrillseeking filly. The lack of sleep degraded her mind to the point she could no longer remember her own name. Eventually she was choking down gallons coffee and casting risky spells just to keep herself from collapsing from fatigue.
    • Even worse is the outlook on life it has given her. She grew to idolize dreams as paradise, while the living world, " is just a place where you suffer long enough to make your body quit and give your mind free reign for a few hours".
    • Any scene where she's just talking to somepony. It's clear she can only keep herself alert while being active, as she repeatedly fumbles with words, loses her train of thought, and even hallucinates mid-sentence.
    • The scene where Luna confronts The Wired Mare. The princess is overwhelmed with guilt and wants to do everything she can to help her, but The Wired Mare is so afraid of her, she manages to escape before Luna can do anything. The Wired Mare runs away with Luna begging her to come back and let her fix things.
  • The abuse and bullying Blank Slate receives from the people of the other world in Interdimensional Song. Sure, she did some horrible things in the past, but even if it wasn't clear that her change of heart was genuine, the sheer number of ways she gets kicked while she's down is just unjustifiable.

  • In the recent (and controversial) TV broadcast of the Gardens of Equestria movie begins with a pointless Framing Story edited in featuring the cast of Equicide Life on the Streets investigating the murder of an elderly Daring, whose will tells the main story. It's a bit of a shock to see Daring both decrepit and, you know, dead with cuts all over her body. The worst part? We never find out what happened to Future!Daring.
  • The music in Glory Days and the nostalgic waxing between Storm and Copperbeak.
  • The soundtrack released alongside Oathkeepers contained a theme for Eichelhaher entitled, Two Skin, intended to be played over the scene where she she blows herself up to save Daring and Arzt from the Buckzi troops. Looking at the lyrics, it sums up her feelings during that moment pretty well.
    I know you're not the truth, light comes and then you're gone
    Lavender ocean
    Your face brings more light to me, my body's all gone
    And feels so foreign to me, you're an illusion

    But it's not good enough for me, all I ever wanted is you
    And I know you're just a dream, but I'm going to find you
    And there are so many faces, I have to be asleep just to taste it
    There are no traces, only sheep in predictable places

    Now I'm floating to the sun, no clothes or eyelids on
    You tap me on the shoulder, I leave you so it won't hurt

    Short Stories 
  • The last chapter of, From the Pages of a Mockingbird. After Eichelhaher is drowned and brought back to life by Eule, her mind slowly begins to degrade, and each entry in her diary from there has progressively worse grammar and spelling. She begins to forget her name and who she is. By the last few pages, she has tried to kill herself, only to realize that Krahe's experimentation has made her immortal.

  • The song, Pink Rose, which plays over the credits of the episode King of Hearts. Sure, it sounds upbeat enough to fit the happy ending of the episode, but when you look at the translated lyrics, it's actually pretty sad and relates well to Eichelhaher.
    Don't cry,
    You don't even know what real sadness is
    Aa, don't touch me with those warm hands
    That make me go completely mad
    Hey, don't let my wounds open up again
    If you're here and smiling I can't go back
  • Endymion's backstory Lunar Ferver. 1000 years ago, he was one of the few ponies who adored the night, and as such, was in Nightmare Moon's favor during her rule. His loyalty to the night was rewarded with eternal life. As the years passed, he fell madly in love with her, nearly to the point of fanaticism. When Nightmare Moon was banished by Celestia, Endymion merely thought she disappeared and attempted to continue on with his life. However, being tainted by Nightmare Moon's magic ostracized him, and he was unwelcome in every land he came across. The years of despair and bitter loneliness caused him to believe Nightmare Moon had cursed him. He spent centuries trying to find a way to free her from the Moon, desperate for the love the world would not give him.
    • Particularly wrenching are his lines when he begins the Moon Shattering Ritual.
    Endymion: (with tears in his eyes) Look, my love! The world may have abandoned you, but I never lost my faith! I knew someday you would have the strength to return and vanquish all who did not see your power, your beauty! Please! Break free from your prison! Let me shower you with a thousand years of affection and worship, for I have suffered a millennium for this very night! I am your north star, Endymion, and I love you!
  • When Endymion suffers a near-fatal blow in his fight with Celestia, he collapses to the ground and reaches out to the now-untainted Luna, still seeing her as Nightmare Moon.
    Endymion: My Queen...please...don't leave me...I don't want to be alone...
    • In the end, Luna takes pity on him, heals his wounds, and casts him into an eternal slumber, where he will dream peacefully of being with his queen forever.
    • Endymion's themesong, Asleep Beneath The Moon

    End to Order 
  • The first time we see post-timeskip Arzt. He's become wheelchair bound and has lost a lot of his feathers, his years of never getting enough sleep having finally caught up with him.
    • Add to that the realization that Eichelhaher, being immortal, will outlive both Daring and Arzt.
  • Any time Daring talks about her days in the Greater Lands War. Even then, she felt like she was fighting the wrong fight.
  • Each of the Rusted qualify at some point. They all seek justice for their misfortunes dealt by the hooves of ponies.
    • Domino wants revenge for his lover's death. He himself was forced to kill her in self-defense when she joined a radical group of ponies seeking to expand Celestia's empire into the griffon lands, and tried to murder him during a raid.
    • Oz wants justice for the horrible things he witnessed the ponies do during the Greater Lands War. In his fight with Daring, he even mentions that they ripped the feathers off of cubs.
    • Coco and Sien-Ja's hometown was one of the first griffon cities to integrate ponies. Eventually, the ponies took over, and the griffons were reduced to second-class citizens.

    Birds of Prey 
  • Episode 2, where Daring and Arzt fight, and ultimately kill, Taube. It's such a stark contrast to the original ending of Breathing Weapons.
  • The scene in episode 3 where Rabe, finally fed up with Eichelhaher's "whining", brutally renders her limb from limb, leaving her still sentient head out for the vultures to eat.
  • The last scene of episode 6, where Daring, having fully succumbed to Krahe's brainwashing, strangles the life out of Herpy. Not helped by the fact it ends with Daring just staring at his body, remorseless, before it cuts to the credits.
  • Daring's internal monologue during the last scene of the series.
    Daring Do: I am Daring Do, once an adventurer, seeking to preserve the knowledge of lost civilizations, now nothing more than a lapdog. I was once able to topple entire hierarchies of evildoers, now I am so weak willed I follow orders without question. Today I decided to be strong once again. I've done many terrible things to reach this throne. I've destroyed cities, disobeyed my master, and killed my dearest friends. I harbor no remorse for my actions, for now, a kingdom of dead lies before me, a feast for the vultures, a gathering of crows. With this crown atop my head, and the bloodied hooves of a lifeless queen at my own, I have conquered all. No longer am I just some pegasus. I have become something grander. A ruler of all the land, a harbinger of death, a bird of prey...

  • The as yet unsolved death of EU author Gusty Lulamoon, not helped by the fact that it occurred in the same forest in which she'd set Ruby of the Blank Village. Her longtime friends J. Thunderlane Hurricane Jr. and Ember Roundup wrote an In Memoriam for her in Tinker's Seal, and it was clear the two hadn't been holding up well even a year later.
  • The death of Haystack Leaves, only months before the opening of Alicorn's Shadow, his last completed role.
    • Hairerion Trot donated her salary from the film to his daughter.
  • The tragic murder of Dr. Endless Dream while he was vacationing with friends at Lake Illumina in the Crystal Empire. His only work in the Daring Do franchise was a collab with A.K. Yearling herself, Daring Do and the Unwound Timestream, and he died before it was finished.