Tear Jerker / Dance Academy

  • Season One, Episode 11: Paige and Abigail's fight (and her running away), followed by Paige giving Abigail a card and asking, "Actual hug?" and actually receiving one.
  • Season Two, Episode 24: "The Prix de Fonteyn." Sammy's death. Those reactions: Kat's Inelegant Blubbering, Ollie collapsing into Miss Raine's arm, and Abigail... Oh Abigail...
  • Season Two, Episode 25 :The Second," yes the entire episode qualifies.
  • Season Two, Episode 26: "The Red Shoes." The moment when Tara imagines Sammy lifting her during her solo…then, after not having been able to cry since Sammy's death, ending the performance in tears.
  • The end of the penultimate episode of season three, where Tara is severely injured from a fall during company auditions. The entirety of the last episode of season three also, which features Tara in surgery, with the doctors fearing she could never walk again. During her surgery, Tara's subconscious is represented by her friends at the Academy, with the very last scene is her and Christian being in the cemetery where Sammy is buried, because Tara can't see him. Other moments include Kat's worry over Tara throughout the entire episode, and Ben breaking down after not getting a contract. There are moments in the episode that fall under the happy tears category, though: Tara moving her toes after her surgery, Ollie getting his contract and especially Abigail's Tears of Joy after getting her contract, Christian realizing that he would rather teach dance at the Academy than be a part of the company, and the final dance scene that closes out the series.
  • A mild Tear Jerker: Ollie's "lucky cardigan" in season three is actually Sammy's.