Tear Jerker / Contagion

  • Dr. Mears' whole story, especially the end, when she offers her jacket to another patient. We are then treated to the sight of her body, wrapped in plastic, being prepped for burial along with the bodies of dozens of other victims; her masked partner mourns over her body with flowers in hand.
  • The waiter's wife traveling to deliver his ashes, only to die herself during the trip after having been exposed to him.
  • Mitch and his daughter running into a sickened woman at the store begging for help. They can only run, as there's nothing anybody can do.
  • Mitch going home after his wife's death, only to find his son to have also died from the same illness.
  • Mitch's reaction to the pictures on Beth's camera.
  • Also the part in the funeral home, in which Mitch and Beth's mother learn that Beth and her son can't be buried, as well as when Beth's mother tells Mitch that while Beth made mistakes, she loved him.