Tear Jerker / Chris Jericho

  • Since he was a kid, Jericho dreamed of being a tag team champion with Owen Hart. In early May of 1999 Jericho signed with the WWF, meaning his dream could finally come true. Sadly, a week or two later was the Over the Edge Pay-Per-View where Owen fell to his death. At the funeral, Jericho leaned over Owen's casket and said, "What happened, man? We were going to be tag champions."
  • His poem in tribute to Art Barr (best known as a tag team partner of Eddie Guerrero and inventor of the frog splash), most commonly referred to as "When you lose a brother". In a depressed haze he wrote it and sent it directly to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, who printed it in the front page of the newsletter. The poem was reprinted in its entirety in Jericho's first book and again on Meltzer's website in 2012 as part of the archived newsletter, which prompted a brief resurgence of discussion about Art Barr.
  • The chapter in Undisputed that covers his last visit to his dying mother. In particular are his last words to her: "I love you, Mommy." The chapter ends with what could be considered this, a heartwarming moment, and an awesome moment where Chris forgives the man that crippled his mother and wishes him well.
  • The chapter in Undisputed that covers the immediate period after the Benoit murder-suicides, especially when Jericho breaks down once Brian Gerwitz calls him. Swings onto a Funny Moment as well thanks to Ash.
    • Similarly, an earlier chapter that covered Jericho's "firing" from the WWE in 2005 ends in a backstage photo of Jericho, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and Dean Malenko. The photo caption notes it was the last time all four of them were together.
  • The last pages of A Lion's Tale feature a dedication to all of his friends, idols, and colleagues who have passed on. There are over forty names.
  • Jericho's "Festival of Friendship" was a delightful mix of Hilarity Ensues and heartwarming tributes from Jericho to Owens, yet Owens looked rather non-plussed, perhaps even sullen, throughout it. He seems to perk up near the end, wanting to give Jericho a gift after everything Y2J did for him: A new list!...only for Jericho to notice something odd, setting up the ultimate Mood Whiplash...
    Jericho: (happily) A new list! It's great! I mean, the other one's getting beat up and it's getting full...(pulls the new list out, looks stunned)..."How come my name's on this?"(Holds it up so we can all see it says "The List of KO", then it dawns on him right before Owens' No-Holds-Barred Beatdown ensues.
    • What makes this especially tragic is that unlike most heel teams that often dissolve due to the two not wanting to share the spotlight or thinking the other is holding them back, Jericho seemed to genuinely consider Owens as a friend and partner and had never once indicated signs of betrayal, the occasional argument aside.