Tear Jerker: Choujuu Sentai Liveman

Since the series can be Darker and Edgier, things can happen which can lead to This Is Unforgivable! moments from the heroes. And since a lot of people drop like flies, there's a huge spoiler warning.

  • Episode 13- Burning Steel, Colon: Colon has a admirer in the defected Jimmer, Mr. Tanaka, who in turn, Colon loves for the first time. However, as Dokugas Zuno is about to ram the Livemen, Mr. Tanaka jumps in and gets the attack intended for the team. this lead him to be broken, and after a small talk with Colon and a point to the finger, he gets up, walks a bit, and falls to his explosion. Cue Colon running in tears towards a now in pieces Jimmer!Mr. Tanaka. It's hard not to pity that it's the ONLY ROBOT WHO LOVED HER in the series.
  • Episode 19 to 21 is a huge Wham Arc regarding Obular and his tragic backstory. The end is bound to leave many tears.
  • Episode 31- Mama! The Parasitic Monster's Cries: Vega Baby is kidnapped by Vega Zuno, Guildos and Butchy. As Vega Baby breaks free to reunite with Junichi, the baby gets killed from Vega Zuno's needles. As Junichi carries the baby to safety, Vega Baby passes away in the middle of Junichi singing a lullaby for the baby. Since the baby is dead, Junichi continues the lullaby, on a now dead Vega Baby, while crying.
  • Episode 44- Butchy's Reckless Driving of Tears!: Megumi carries Butchy to safety, and he exclaims he can't go on any further. Megumi plays "Spark! To the ocean" on her keytar, and Mazenda, Kemp and Bias see the scene, so what does Bias do? KILL POOR BUTCHY BY REMOTE DETONATING HIM. As he explodes, cue Megumi shout Butchy's name. One of the scenes where Megumi crying is pretty damn justified.
  • Hell, even when the Big Bad dies, it's quite traumatic. Bias is reduced to an aging old man who gets taken in by Gash, and as their ship blows up, Gash tells him that the sparks going around the ship are actually fireworks to celebrate Bias' reign, as if he actually won, and that the sounds they are hearing are the people hailing Bias. Viva Bias indeed.
    • Though when you remember that Bias was willing to kill of all of humanity simply to prove that he was a god, this becomes much less tragic. And when you consider what his goal ultimately was, this becomes a rather awesome case of Laser-Guided Karma.