Tear Jerker / Children Who Chase Lost Voices

The entire film is full of sad moments.
  • Mimi's death once her role as a guardian is fulfilled.
  • The climax of the film has Asuna possessed by Lisa, Morisaki's deceased wife. He's dismayed at what happened but considers her return more important, to the point that when Shin tries to stop him, Morisaki pulls out a knife and tries to kill him. As he's asking why Shin is trying to stop this, Shin sums up the central theme of the movie, breaks free, and frees Asuna.
    Shin: Because the living are more important!
  • The end song, Hello, Goodbye, and Hello. Especially when you understand the lyrics.
    Hello, Goodbye and Hello
    I've met you, now I say goodbye to you
    Hello, Goodbye and Hello
    And Hello to this world without you
  • Shin and Asuna openly crying over the death of Shun.
  • In a flashback, we see Asuna and her mother visiting the grave of Asuna's dead father. At first, Asuna's mom tries to pretend everything's okay. But, as her and Asuna are walking home, she collapses into tears.
  • Asuna's nonreaction to Shun's death. You know that she wants to cry her heart out, but is putting up a front.
  • Asuna's reason for coming to Agartha: She was lonely.