Tear Jerker: Charmed

  • Charmed is notorious for being full of Narm, the 4th-season's "Hell Hath No Fury" as fury-Piper screams at the top of her lungs "How dare you leave me?!" to Prue's grave is sad. Considering how cheap death usually is for the Halliwell sisters, this kind of permanence in the show isn't taken lightly.
  • Even the cheap deaths can be devastating when they're played well. The fact that she's alive again by the next episode doesn't make Piper's "...Prue? I'm cold..." in All Hell Breaks Loose any less soul-crushing.
  • In "Morality Bites" when Phoebe realises that she must die for her crimes and Prue and Piper have to stand back and watch her burn to death.
  • Prue's funeral at the start of season 4. The music adds to it as well, Holly Marie Combs is brilliant as usual in that scene and Darryl the Deadpan Snarker was tearing up.
    • Particularly Piper's furious scream when a demonic bounty hunter comes after Cole. You can really feel her frustration that even on today of all days, they can't catch a break.
  • In "A Paige From the Past" when Paige goes back in time to see her parents' deaths. That remains Rose McGowan's strongest performance of the series.
  • The sixth season finale where Chris dies and Leo just loses it. Very sad and tear-inducing.
  • In "Payback's A Witch," during his birthday party, Wyatt brings his action figures to life to search for the Put on a Bus Leo. Wyatt doesn't know what happened, but he feels Leo broke a promise to always be there. That is sad enough, but it turns out that Wyatt blames himself for Leo going away.
  • "Dead Man Dating" Piper falling in love with a guy who's already dead. The scene where she tries to hold him but can't because he goes right through her could come across as silly but it's incredibly moving.
  • The beginning of "A Knight To Remember" where Piper is sitting in Prue's room, going through all her things before sadly putting on her jacket and leaving. Turns into a CMOH at the end when Paige moves in with them.
  • Billie's crying in the season finale? She sounded like a seal. Her crying in front of her parents in "Mr and Mrs Witch" to try and get them to remember who she is? Genuine Tear Jerker.
  • The flashback episode "Pre-Witched" after Penny has just died from a heart attack. A scene after the funeral has all sisters in the living room together. Piper tries to keep things optimistic and offers to make everyone dinner but Prue rebuffs her to meet her fiancee while Phoebe informs the two of them that she's moving out, saying there's nothing there for her anymore. Both Prue and Phoebe walk out of the room leaving Piper alone trying to hold back her tears. Contrasted with a Heartwarming Moment at the end of the episode in the present when Piper decides not to move out of the house.
    Piper: "But it feels good that forever isn't today".
  • "Styx Feet Under" features one between Paige and Piper. Piper as the Angel of Death has to lead her sister to the afterlife, and Paige's futile attempts at stalling by tearfully admitting things such as her taking Piper's earrings and borrowing a jacket without asking then letting Phoebe take the blame is heartbreaking. Of course her death is averted but still.
    Paige: You can't blame a girl for trying?