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Tear Jerker: Carrie Underwood
This country singer has a lot of emotional songs.

  • "Don't Forget to Remember Me" can make people feel weepy and homesick, when they are away from home — as well as anyone who is leaving childhood behind (or their mothers).
  • "Just A Dream" is another one.
    • This troper is not a huge fan of country music, yet when the video came on a country music channel at a friend's house, openly wept at the scene when the bride's dress turns from white to black.
  • As is "I Told You So" (itself a cover of the Randy Travis song).
  • "Jesus, Take The Wheel". It's about a woman who's driving home for Christmas, with her kid in the backseat. Then she loses control of the wheel. It's depressing to say the least.
    • Though the song does have them both survive - the car just skids onto the shoulder and to a stop, and the woman vows to change her life (though it isn't really said exactly why she has regrets about it).
  • "Mama's Song" is another one — with the bittersweet, low-key instrumental backing as a key component.
  • "Temporary Home".
  • Hell, pretty much any song involving God or her mother is gonna be emotional.
  • "Blown Away" is powerful.

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