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Tear Jerker: Bay 12 Katawa Shoujo Role Play
  • Setsuga's backstory.
    • Really, anyone's backstories short of Shinji's.
  • Not within the roleplay itself, but a player created a Minoru x Fuuka fanfiction of the roleplay. It takes place after Fuuka's death from an unspecified illness, when Minoru reminisces about their relationship. It starts out light, but it gets much worse.
  • Yukari, despite being angry at Cado, still returns to provide an Unbroken Vigil when he breaks his legs due to being thrown from the third floor of Yamaku, and provides an apology and explanation for her actions. The not nice, to say the least. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • Jack's sister.
  • Rose's nervous breakdown
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