Tear Jerker / Barenaked Ladies

This Canadian alternative rock band has a lot of tear-triggering songs.

  • "Tonight is the Night I Fell Asleep at the Wheel", which plays a tune that sounds like it belongs on a cheerful carnival calliope, but whose lyrics tell the story of a car crash and the futile attempts to save the titular driver whose love is the "last thing on my mind". The narrator? Ed Robertson's brother, who died in a motorcycle accident.
    • In the same vein, "Am I The Only One" and "Leave". The former was originally going to be about Ed's (at the time) fiancée, but changed.
  • "War On Drugs" being another big one.
    "She likes to sleep with the radio on
    So she can dream of her favourite song
    The one that no one has ever sung
    Since she was small"
    • Not to mention the climax:
    Near where I live there's a viaduct
    Where people jump when they're out of luck
    Raining down on the cars and trucks below
    They've put a net there to catch their fall
    Like it'll stop anyone at all
    What they don't know is when nature calls, you go.
    They say that Jesus and mental health
    Are just for those who can help themselves
    But what good is that when you live in hell on Earth?
    From the very fear that makes you want to die
    Is just the same as what keeps you alive
    It's way more trouble than some suicide is worth...
  • "Celebrity" is somewhat of a downer, too. The narrator talks about his goal in life, and then (presumably) achieves it and realizes how horribly hollow being a celebrity is.
  • Then there is "What A Good Boy".
  • For a song about a window washer who's afraid of heights, "When I Fall" does a great job at cueing the waterworks.
    "I look straight in the mirror
    Watch it come clearer
    I look like a painter
    Behind all the grease
    But painting's creating
    And I'm just erasing
    A crystal clear canvas
    Is my masterpiece.
  • Common consensus on singing along to "Break Your Heart" is impossible because of two things.
  • "Off The Hook" is heartbreaking for anyone who's ever had trust issues. Although the last chorus turns triumphant when the person being cheated on has finally had enough.
  • "Pinch Me" does a great job capturing the sombre mood of feeling unfulfilled even when everything is perfectly fine.
    • Or going listlessly through your day in the wake of a tragedy that hasn't entirely sunk in yet
    Pinch me, pinch me, 'cause I'm still asleep
    Please, God, tell me that I'm still asleep.