Tear Jerker / Ayashi no Ceres

  • Being Watase's most cynical work, Ayashi no Ceres has a lot of these:
    • Ceres' first death, revealed in a flashback in the last volume. After having killed Mikagi, Ceres desperately searches for her lost mana with her two remaining children, but to no avail. She dies without ever finding her mana, her dying thoughts hoping that her children will find happiness in life and that someday she could return to them, meaning that her main reason for reincarnating herself was to be reunited with her children, since she never wanted to leave them.
    • Miori's suicide. That is all.
    • Tooya and Yuuhi's infiltration of the Mikage Corporation. Let us go through the whole thing.
      • Yuuhi finds Chidori changed into her tennyo form, weak and just happy to be rescued by the man she loves... and then she dies from Taking the Bullet. And not long after does Yuuhi realize that he did love Chidori.
      • The anime version of this scene deserves some mention. This troper still gets chills and cries when Yuuhi screams and cries hysterically. Kentaro Ito really made the scene gutwrenching.
      • Tooya being captured by Aki/Shiso, with Chidori's younger brother Shouta held as hostage. Of course, the poor kid has no idea of what is really going on, and Tooya just calmly pretends to be the doctor Shouta had known him as while guiding him out. He smiles at the boy until he's gone.
      • And all the while, the scene of Aya happily contemplating her pregnancy and life with Tooya is juxtaposed with Chidori's death and Aki/Shiso's torture of Tooya.
      • The horror of seeing Tooya dead in front of him jars Aki enough to briefly regain control of himself. Finally seeing him really break out again after a long time tends to be a bit emotional for some, especially after what he had just done.
    • Tooya and Aya's reunion, whereupon he learns about his baby for the first time, along with the realization that he is finally getting the family he always wanted.
    Tooya: "I wonder if you'll have it..."
    Aya: "Yes!"
    Tooya: [embraces Aya] "Thank you."
    • Aki's death, holding Mikagi back and asking Ceres to Kill Us Both.