Tear Jerker / Astérix

  • Asterix and the Cauldron is far more serious and morose in tone than other comics in the series. In it, Asterix is banished from the village because he failed to protect a cauldron filled with gold. The whole scene is played completely straight and even those attending it are moved to tears by Asterx's resolve to never come back unless he brings back the gold. Luckily, Obelix is quick to call out the villagers for exiling their best warrior so quickly because of a small mistake and runs after Asterix. The scene mixes with a Heartwarming Moment when Obelix proclaims that he exiles himself so he can go with him, and both guys end up crying rivers twice because of the situation.
  • The scene where Asterix, Obelix, and Getafix return to the village in Asterix Conquers America. The entire place is in ruins and devoid of life, and Obelix is running around desperately calling out to his friends.
    Obelix: Oh- oh no! Vitalstatistix! Unhygienix! Where are you? Ca-can't you hear me!?

  • In the lower left corner of the last panel of Asterix in Belgium, a passing rabbit is sadly looking at Goscinny's signature—Goscinny died during the making of that book.note 
  • Another example: Uderzo drew this sad picture of the main trio in mourning, to honor the memories of the victims of a brutal terrorist attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo's office in January 2015. This drawing was also made in 1977 as a response to Goscinny's death.